November Changelog: Introducing Export to Excel

TL;DR: New “Export to Excel” and what-if analysis feature, 10 Quarters data in quarterly results, added basic user profile.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

The one most common habit that we investors have, is of copying the data into Excel. We do it repeatedly, for each company! On Screener we tried to improve upon it and have introduced the first testing version of “Export to Excel.”

The export to excel feature is not just a data export thing, but a pre-populated excel sheet with all the formulas and a basic what-if analysis model. And not just that, it allows the user to customize anything and even upload the customized file back on the servers to download all future files in the customized format.

Some of our users have termed it as “magic” and it indeed is. Do give it a try!

Among other features, we have added the 10 quarters data into the quarterly results for even better analysis.

We are also working on an user profile module and have set the structure for same. In the upcoming months, it will have a better integration with all the features and help users know each other better.

As usual, we did fix-up many minor bugs, did some optimizations and improved the backend code. We continue to seek your support to help us in spreading the investing love.

October change-log


  • Columns are movable now
  • Auto detection of consolidated numbers
  • Better user ratios
  • Added “Spread the investing love” page
  • Many fixes and optimizations

Last month had been very interesting. We have been visiting places, meeting other value investors and taking inputs to make Screener even more powerful. In the meantime we have also been optimizing and fixing things in Screener. Few of the optimizations are:

1. Movable columns (as shown in above image):

You can drag and move the result columns while screening. The Screener automatically saves and remembers the settings. Continue reading October change-log

Included support for consolidated numbers and other updates recently

One of the most common requests in the feedbacks had been to include consolidated in screener for screening and analysis purpose. We have integrated the support of consolidated numbers in screener now.

Other updates:

– Added a new line item of Operating Margin (OPM) in Annual Results Continue reading Included support for consolidated numbers and other updates recently