Frontend updates

Screener on multiple devices

“For every new feature we add, we take an old one out.” – David Karp

This is a major frontend update on Screener after a pretty long time (we have been constantly improving and enriching the backend to make it smarter every day). In this update have removed many of the features which were less used or were not really useful. Against this, we have a slimmer code to maintain, a much faster application and a stronger base to expand.

Major updates:

1. Removed the inline notes / Added Screener Talks: We have added Screener Talks to replace the inline notes. Inline notes were hard to maintain as they not only required an active user moderation, but they also became outdated soon. Screener Talks is aimed as a collaborative platform to share interesting links related to Indian financial markets.

2. Update Screen Alerts: Till now Screener offered two types of screen alerts – alerts for new results, and alerts for the changes in top results. Alerts for new results is very much helpful and we love it our-selves (and is still available). But the option of alerts for changes in top results was complicated. Thus we have dropped the support for the screen alerts for the changes in top results (as a workaround, users can still set the limits on the filter criteria and get the similar updates). This provides a much simpler one-click screen alerts usage.

3. Theme updates: We have updated the Screener to the latest frontend frameworks (AngularJS and Twitter Boostrap). Thus the interface is better streamlined for handheld devices (such as mobile phones and tablets). We have also updated the index page to highlight few of the important features (though it still does not cover some of the most powerful aspects of the Screener).

4. Better base for the future: On the technical aspects, Screener now uses AngularJS in the place of jQuery. This is specially useful for pushing future updates. Through this update, it will become much easier for us to iterate new frontend ideas. We have also written a lot of tests during this development phase and refactored a bulk of old code. This all provides a very strong base for the future.

Thanks a lot friends for your continuous support in the form of feedback, criticism and appreciation. We love to hear from you. So continue to share your comments. Also, do let us know if anything breaks in this update :).

138 thoughts on “Frontend updates”

  1. Missing the little mouse-over descriptions of the ratios Sometimes difficult to make out which is TTM & which is from the last annual.

    Nice get-up however.

    1. Hi CoolKal,

      You mean the description for ratios in the “Show all variables” page? I will try to fix it soon.

      Thanks for reporting it,

      1. The mouse-over descriptions still not restored unfortunately This results in inconvenience – like it leaves one uncertain as to what does Profit and sales growth listed under Quarterly Variations stand for Is it sequential q-o-q current to preceding qtr? Or is it TTM?

  2. hi, you guys have made a gr8 product. want to know how to search if i want to run a particular screen between particular dates. For eg – i want to run it in the last quarter of 2008 i.e. 1st Oct – 31 Dec 2008. Tks

    1. Hi Anish,

      Option for back-testing is currently not available in screener. We do plan to add it at some time.

      Thanks for the appreciation.

  3. When I run a query like 5 yr profit growth > 20% , a few companies get missed out even though their profit growth is greater than 20% because of the standalone & consolidated results. For e.g. Kajaria Ceramics shows 5 yr & 10 yr compounded profit growth as none whereas growth is there when we click standalone results. How do we remedy this?

  4. You folks have really made an exceptional product that IMO is the first of its kind for Indian stocks. A few features I think would make it perfect are (1) company descriptions (like on Google Finance) and (2) portfolio tracking (again, like Google Finance) and (3) some sort of social factor to link fellow members that have common interests/stocks.
    Thanks again for this great website.

    1. Hi AJ,

      Thanks a lot for the appreciation.

      1. Company descriptions is on timeline – but we don’t have that data currently.

      2. We have an option for watchlists at . It is not a replacement for ticker windows since we don’t have the live data. But it is still pretty useful as it will automatically email you about the upcoming result dates and new announcements for the companies you add to watchlist. Do give it a try.

      3. That sounds interesting to have an to follow other investors, or their stock screens and watchlist. We were mainly concerned about the privacy though. Will still look into it. For social reading, we have .

      Hope that helps. Do let me know if you have any other queries.

      Thanks again,

      1. dear pratyush, i apreciate you for such a great screener, could you please arrange to get important data like NPA of banks, and FII share holdings.. any have thank you once again for your effort.


        1. Thanks a lot Biju for the kind words of appreciation.

          We will try to add additional fields for NPAs and FII share holding in future.


  5. Hi , I am new to this forum. Just need to know tollowing things
    1) Can we get twelve trailing month Market capitalization of the stock or 180 days moving average of the stock

    2) screener – Can we have the stock sector also, in criteria and columns

    3) excel export for the screener is it available now

    4)stock names displayed in this screener are not same that in displayed in Moneycontrol , rediff etc (eg other sites shows line TCS, here its tata consultacy services.) why it is differing

    1. Hi,

      1. No, we don’t have technical indicators including 180 days moving average.

      2. Currently, we don’t provide the option to show stock sector in results because the tables in Screener are designed only to parse numerical data. In future we will try to add more flexibility to it.

      3. Excel export for companies is available and it is pretty powerful too. For Screener results, the export function is still under development and we will try to launch it soon.

      4. Screener should be able to search companies by their short names too, thus if you type TCS in the search field, it should show up Tata Consultancy Services. The exchange websites too follow this convention:

      Hope that helps,

  6. hi, first of all great thanks for such a great site. i have found some great companies by using your fundamental screener and its simply amazing. i was just wondering that is there any possibilty that you guys will be making some sort of techical screener. your screener is too good and i’ll hope for technical screener if its possible

    1. There are plenty of Technical screeners/ Technical Analysis softwares available. Better to stick exclusively to FA here rather than creating a hodge-podge.

      1. Hi I a newbie in investing and while searching came across this site it is awesome but i want to ask you a question which is pondering me a lot. What is the purpose of this site? are you for profit or not? How you are making the money?

        Once more thank you for making such a product

  7. Suggestion: Please put search in the screens. I mean a search bar in the stock screens so that people can easily search if a particular stock is that screen or not. Or the other way around is to put a Section is stocks that in which screens this stock is listed.

    I hope you got it.
    Thanks for the excellent site btw 🙂

    1. Thanks Bhavesh for the suggestion.

      We had such feature earlier, to show where a particular stock exists in a list. Though it was convenient for a few, the additional gear added a complexity to most other users. As a result we removed it (there were few technical reasons too).

      As a workaround, you can select 100 stocks to display at a time and then do CTRL + F.

      Hope that helps,

      1. Ok I can understand the complexity. About displaying 100 stocks I don’t see that. I just see to display 10, 30 and 50. No more than 50. Or else you can just add show all stocks in the screen.

          1. Oh yea that works. But can’t change it more than 100. But anyways still its better than just 50 🙂

  8. Pratyush,
    Just FYI.
    Recently I find that the downloaded excel format sheet doesn’t show the historic PE information for several stocks – For example, Exide, Biocon etc., the DataSheet!G69 to DataSheet!K69 which shows the historic PE data is all showing blank.
    It will be great if the historic PE data is available for all stocks.

    1. Hi Raj,

      Thanks for the reporting it. We have hopefully fixed it. Can you please give it a retry?

      Do let me know if it still doesn’t work.


  9. Hi,

    Many many thanks for helping investors by creating such a wonderful screener .. it is the best screener i have ever found ..
    I have one request to add a new feature if possible .. Currently “Export to Excel” feature is existing for company data only , but it would be great if this feature is created for Watchlist and Screens …

    Thanks again,
    Krishna Rao

      1. Hi

        Huge thanks for helping out the investing community with such an invaluable tool.

        “Export to excel” for screener results would be immensely helpful. Also, would it be possible to add scrip code in the screener results?


        1. Hi SK,

          We will try to add “Export to excel” for screener results soon.
          Script code is not currently supported for columns.

          Hope that helps,

  10. hi,
    i get emails for latest announcement made by companies in my watch list…but not all of them. I dont get updates on “Disclosures under Reg.13(6) of SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 1992” or similar disclosures on material sale/purchase of shares.

    Can you help in this regard?
    thnx, Nitin

    1. Hi Nitin,

      Screener sends a notification for all the “Corporate Announcements.” This includes the notification for promoter buying and selling.

      Can you let me know the name of the company for which you did not receive a notification. It will help me in debugging it further.


  11. Thanks for the updates. The site looks sleeker now.

    I would like to second the idea of having a backtesting feature – even a basic one would be killer!

    1. Hi Severus,

      Thanks for the feedback. Backtesting is in our todo list, though not on a very high priority. I will +1 vote on it on your behalf.


  12. Hi, Thanks for such a great website. Your screener has fulfilled a huge need of the small investors. A few questions: How do I find the stock ‘L&T Finance’. I cannot find it using the search window. When I write the name, it doesn’t come under suggestions. I tried several things including writing Larsen& Toubro Finance etc but failed. Second, How can I do a square root in custom ratio or screener condition. It doesn’t recognise the ” ^ ” sign or “SQRT”. Thirdly, although the website is free and data is “as is”, what is the longest delay one should expect in updating the quarterly result for a company on the website? Say for a less known small cap company. Finally, I did find data not updated for some stocks. Is there an email where I can send you the names of those companies, or should I just mention them here only. Many thanks for a such a great service. Consider me among your first customers if and when you plan to monetize this service (hope the price would be within my reach).

    1. Hi Rebel,

      Thanks for the appreciation.

      Company names with ‘&’ in them is currently not search-able. We are aware of this issue and will try to fix it soon. The work around to search for such companies is to put in their BSE or NSE code.

      For square root, you can use the power function. So something like this should work, power( sales, 1/2).

      The updates on the financial numbers are very efficient. The quarterly numbers are usually updated within a day or two when they are declared.

      You can surely report us about any issue on [email protected]

      Hope that helps,

    1. Hi Azeez, the stock sector is shown right on the top of the page, next to the company name.

      ISIN No. is not currently supported.

      Hope that helps,

      1. Hi Pratyush
        thanks for the reply
        stock sector what i meant was in my stock screener list
        i want to have one of the column for stock sector
        Request you to kindly provide the same

        1. Hi Azeez,

          The current version of screener supports table only with the numerical data. This is the reason is the reason that adding column for Industries wont be possible currently.

          We will try to fix it in future.


  13. hi Pratysuh
    I want to have a screener which will list all the stocks how do i do it
    I tried following but no of stocks display in each case is different
    1) face Value > 0 this gave me 3444 stocks
    2) market capitalisation > 0 this gave me 3189 stocks
    Please let me know how many total stock is present in data base

      1. Hi Pratyush
        what is the screener criteria/condition to give the list of all stock
        I tried with face value >0 it listed only 3444
        Please let me know the criteria/condition

  14. Hi. Thanks for such a wonderful site. One of the best differentiating factors is user ratios.
    The only part lagging is that I am not able to screen sector-wise e.g. Growth stocks in Tech sector etc. Please include that option too.

    1. Yeah, we wish to renovate the home screen for logged in users to show more details as on homepage. We will try to do that sometime.

      Thanks for the feedback,

    1. Hi Sam, Screener shows all the companies listed on NSE or BSE. There are very few companies, however, which are only listed on NSE – around 20 odd names.

      1. This webpage is not available
        A secure connection cannot be established because this site uses an unsupported protocol.

          1. and yes…thanks for contibution in creating such a wondeful site to look on for fundamentals…

  15. Hi..i am really pleased to comment on ur website which is really a wonderful way to get details of various stocks and comparing them.

    My question: 1) Will this site continue and update its 2015 data ?

    2) Also various ratios like PEG, ROE, ROCE are annual or quarterly based and whether forward or retrospective like forward PE vs trailing PE?

    These both are my biggest queries..thanks (keep up the great work)

    1. Hi Adesh,

      Yes, the Screener updates the results on daily basis.

      All the ratios are also calculated on daily closing prices. For Price to Earning, we take the TTM earnings.

      ROE and ROCE is calculated on annual numbers because we don’t have the balance sheet numbers in the quarterly results.

      Hope that helps,

  16. One more feature would be great if added..when we drag down in our screenr lists of stocks as per our criteria.. then various Heading on top like various ratio we have customized are not shown..i being dragged along with has to go all the way up to check which column is for what ratio ..!! its really problematic to keep scrolling up and down to check.. Hope u got my issue.

    1. Hi Adesh,

      This is one of the limitations of modern web browsers. It is hard to have a fixed header (like in excel) for dynamic table columns.

      As a workaround, we repeat the header row after every 15 or so results.

      Hope that helps,

  17. Hi Pratyush,

    Great thanks for such a wonderful site.
    Help I need from you is – I could not find “Capital expenditure” variable. Can you help.


  18. hi fellow investors,
    I have noticed from past few days the price displayed in screener is of 2-3 days back .Earlier it used to show prev trading close day prices….pls propagate this

    1. Hi Raul,

      The screener should update the prices on daily basis. Please let me know the case where it doesn’t seem to be updating. I will try to dig into that.


  19. What’s happening to the site? I am getting ‘error 502 Bad Gateway Site is offline’ every 30 seconds or so since yesterday. Can’t save my screen after modification.

      1. I’m getting it with a particular screen More often than not the screen comes up fine but does not save and when try to change the sort (by clicking on a column) the crash happens.
        On removing some of the conditions though it works ok. (The same conditions though when tried on another screen works fine So nothing wrong with the statements per se Also i have tried removing conditions randomly- that is not the same ones each time- works that way too) Guess there’s an (implicit) limit on how many conditions it can handle.

        By the way, when is the export to XL from the screens coming? In this case if i just had an option to export the scan result wouldn’t be much of a problem (since the search query i have saved in Notepad So all it takes is a copy/paste each time i want to run the scan).

        Would also request you to focus on the utility & robustness aspect as priority (rather than pretty-fication) with future updates.

  20. Awesume website…No match for it..It is my favourite site for any info related to stock market. SOME SUGGESTIONS TO MAKE IT EVEN BETTER:
    1.Feature to compare two or more companies.
    2.Mobile App

    These new features will take screener to new heights.

    and I would it if you could add that comparing feature because i have to go to another website for doing the same.

  21. hi where can i see the variables used in different formulas. I.e theres a formula called graham no, i want to know how it is calculated !!

  22. hi i am new to screener and wanted to know how to create variables myself , where do i start learning for same , any books u can refer pls, thanks
    Also wanted to know to use filter criteria for screening if i want to refer to june qtr or dec qtr is there a way to refer it directly like q1 or q3 and along with the year like q1 14 or q1 15 pls help

  23. Dear Pratyush,

    I am novice investor and this screener has been of great benefit for the learning purpose which I have used for getting updates on company results based on my filtering criteria, but for last two days I have observed that I haven’t recieved any screener updated for any of my created screeners. I am wondering if all is right with the screener or there is some temporary outage on result processing.

    Anyways, I would like to really appreciate for this fabulous tool which has greatly simplified the process of analyzing vast number of companies and identifying value in them.

    Wishing you and the team great success.


  24. hi Pratyush
    thanks for such great site , it hekps us new investors a lot, can i use a filter to see companies without any cons in their description area, pls guide

  25. Amazing new look. Screener has been amazing tool for me. I only wish you guys can add promoter shareholding trend chart that you guys had earlier and maybe a chart showing stock movement against sector and nifty, Thanks a lot guys!!

  26. Also if you guys can add the EPS growth percentage for discrete time period – 1yr, 3yrs,5 yrs would be extremely useful.

  27. Hello,

    There used to be a table to compare Peers which is no longer there.
    If doing fundamental analysis, it is essential to compare numbers within industry peers rather than unrelated industries.
    Can that feature please be restored?
    Thank you.

    1. Hello, please do restore the comparison with industry peers feature. It was very helpful and definite value add.
      Once again congratulations on an excellent product.

  28. This website is great and very useful to investors. I congratulate to Sri Pratyush .There should be option to save the results in Excel and if not possible in Excel then pdf.

  29. This website is great and very useful to investors. I congratulate to Sri Pratyush .There should be option to save the results in Excel and if not possible in Excel then pdf.

  30. After the latest updates the quarterly results section is not showing the quarterly eps anymore………….please put it it!!
    Thank You

  31. Hi guys great website , it is a great service to indian community . It
    is helping a normal retail investors like me to learn the art of value
    investing. I attribute my success in the world of investing to

    I have observed the numbers ( stock prices and others ) are updated in the early morning before the stock market starts.
    Would it be possible to update the numbers after the market closes or late night ?

  32. I noticed that the Download to Excel/ Export to Excel feature is missing. A number of other users are also asking for it, but I can’t find any information from you in either the Change Log or in the blog comments. I love that feature, and it’s probably the one feature that keeps me coming back to this site. Please let me know so I can start looking for alternatives if you aren’t planning to restore it. Thanks.

  33. Hello Screener Team,
    Thank you for making such a wonderful tool and website.
    I am a regular user and visitor.
    Request you to provide access to Custom Ratios.

  34. hi there, thanks for the great site.
    is the access to create custom ratios still open? for some reason i cant seem to be able to access it. Kindly advise, cheers

  35. Hello Sir,

    The Custom ratio’s were very useful for me. Please bring that option back . Thanks 🙂

  36. Dear Pratyush,

    I have been a long term user of and it has been a great boon to my investment process. Thanks for always working to continuously improving this tool. One thing that I miss the most now is the export to Excel functionality which was very powerful and useful. In your list it is not in the removed feature. I hope that this is due to some bug and it will restored as time goes. Kudos to you and your team for this wonderful service.

  37. Hi,

    This is excellent solution provided by you. I was looking for something like it from many years.
    I have build couple of screen too. However,’m looking for complete List of parameter available in Query builder. Also each parameter couple of lines help. It will help me to browse through & select right parameter to build my own query.

    Do you’ve list available ? Thank you !!

  38. Hello,
    The Promotors Holdings seems so be showing incorrect figures.
    For eg, for Force motors, actual promotors holding is 60.12%, however it shows as -60.12%.
    Could it please be corrected? Thanks,

  39. First of all a million thanks to the wonderful job done by screener team. My heartiest congratulations to you all. Increased stake in promoters and pledged data is not updated. Pl update the same for FANS. Good luck and God bless all.

  40. Hi, to the creators of this screener,

    Please accept my heartfelt thank for this wonderful screener. I am very happy by using it.It is wonderful learning a lot of things by screening.

    Please add a feature to have some shortlists with name. It is similar to watchlist, but it is a list of bunched stocks slected from screens.

  41. Hi, took a look at your site and am glad to offer you enhancing the charting service you provide to your customers with free TradingView chart widget / chart library:

    Widget currently supports BSE/NSE data, whereas library enables using your own datafeed.

    Happy to get feedback once you are interested.

  42. Hello,

    How does screener depict “Company is expected to give good quarter” under pros? What parameters are being checked in back ground?

    Thanks for your help and please keep up the good work.


  43. Hi, I was just wondering whether there is pre-2006 data available for sales, profits etc and whether it is possible to run queries like sales growth > 10% between 1995 and 2005. This would be a valuable tool to back test certain strategies.

  44. hi, please check Kotak Mahindra bank Q on Q profit results sept 2016. Under peer comparison, it shows -48.53% which should actually be a positive number, like +48.53%.

  45. hello
    I am beginner and still trying to understand all the terms.
    Could you please tell me what is the variable graham indicates, or if you could tell if there is some description of all the variable that would be very helpful.
    I am very thankful for your website.

  46. One of the improvement I would suggest is to add sectors of the companies in your screen as a comparision between sectors and screening of stocks becoming more effective.

  47. Hi @pratyushmittal:disqus Any chance of supporting US and EU markets , i feel minimal effort may be needed , ready to pay for such services too

  48. Excellent screener. Thanks for providing us such a fantastic screener. I have a question to Prathuysh. I am noticing something strange for last 2 – 3 weeks. Many stocks are not coming in our screens. For example, if I search for current price > 0, how come coal India, Tata Motors, ONGC, sun pharma etc., are not appearing in the result. I am seeing daily more and more companies are getting appeared. Why is it happening like this? Is it something to do with their financial result. I can individually query them. Appreciate your help.

  49. Hi, Is it possible to include ‘James Montier’s C-score’ as watch list column like we have in Value research online, here in

    1. Dear pratyush, i apreciate you for such a great screener, could you please arrange to get important data like NPA of banks, and FII share holdings.. any have thank you once again for your effort.

  50. How does one write email to screener?
    Aro Granite market value of investments is shown as more than 5000 crores whereas as it is actually Rs 5 lakhs only but could not find link as to where sto send the email so the same could be corrected..

  51. If any one reading this comments, Please check website is not working past few day. Please check issue and fix it. ex: stock price of vikas ecotech is shown as 21.15, but yesterday closing price is 20.30.

    website provided very valuable information on stock and before buying i will check it in screener and decided. Even i get notification update from screener when there is update in stocks.

    Please fix issue as soon as possible.

  52. Is it possible for you to add a feature which allows the users to run a query on a past date. This could be very much useful for many many analysis. Currently for a query we can only see the output as of today’s scenario, but we are not able to see how the query would have resulted a year ago. Please give it a shot…


  54. Hi, very good website, highly commendable work, i must admit it is a labour of love indeed…one small feedback regarding search engine, all companies meeting a given criteria are not coming up in the search results list, like for example “West Coast Paper” didn’t appear in the search results list for criteria “Mkt cap > 500 and G factor > 5”.

  55. The web is good but no iPhone web browser supporting viewing. They should make an iPhone app or website compatible for viewing experience with safari browser.

  56. Hi, thanks for the wonderful tool. A few suggestions for future updates:
    – Support for screening stocks by sector. Preferably a column next to stock name
    – An ability to run the screen on a past date, for the purposes of backtesting

  57. dear pratyush, i apreciate you for such a great screener, could you please add screener for moving average crossover?

  58. Hi team, I recently came to know about this website and its a love at first sight. Do you have any future plans to create Ios or Android App.

  59. How is the PEG ratio calculated? I am unsure how the computation of PEG ratio is working and if it’s accurate? Can you post an example of it?

  60. Please check website is not working properly for all stock. Please check issue and fix it. ex: IP rings,Nagreeka Capital is not shown in watch list as well as query.

    QOQ result of Dhunseri Petrochem Ltd not shown.

    website provided very valuable information on stock and before buying i will check it in screener and decided. Even i get notification update from screener when there is update in stocks.

    Please fix issue as soon as possible.

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