Frontend updates

Screener on multiple devices

“For every new feature we add, we take an old one out.” – David Karp

This is a major frontend update on Screener after a pretty long time (we have been constantly improving and enriching the backend to make it smarter every day). In this update have removed many of the features which were less used or were not really useful. Against this, we have a slimmer code to maintain, a much faster application and a stronger base to expand.

Major updates:

1. Removed the inline notes / Added Screener Talks: We have added Screener Talks to replace the inline notes. Inline notes were hard to maintain as they not only required an active user moderation, but they also became outdated soon. Screener Talks is aimed as a collaborative platform to share interesting links related to Indian financial markets.

2. Update Screen Alerts: Till now Screener offered two types of screen alerts – alerts for new results, and alerts for the changes in top results. Alerts for new results is very much helpful and we love it our-selves (and is still available). But the option of alerts for changes in top results was complicated. Thus we have dropped the support for the screen alerts for the changes in top results (as a workaround, users can still set the limits on the filter criteria and get the similar updates). This provides a much simpler one-click screen alerts usage.

3. Theme updates: We have updated the Screener to the latest frontend frameworks (AngularJS and Twitter Boostrap). Thus the interface is better streamlined for handheld devices (such as mobile phones and tablets). We have also updated the index page to highlight few of the important features (though it still does not cover some of the most powerful aspects of the Screener).

4. Better base for the future: On the technical aspects, Screener now uses AngularJS in the place of jQuery. This is specially useful for pushing future updates. Through this update, it will become much easier for us to iterate new frontend ideas. We have also written a lot of tests during this development phase and refactored a bulk of old code. This all provides a very strong base for the future.

Thanks a lot friends for your continuous support in the form of feedback, criticism and appreciation. We love to hear from you. So continue to share your comments. Also, do let us know if anything breaks in this update :).