November Changelog: Introducing Export to Excel

TL;DR: New “Export to Excel” and what-if analysis feature, 10 Quarters data in quarterly results, added basic user profile.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

The one most common habit that we investors have, is of copying the data into Excel. We do it repeatedly, for each company! On Screener we tried to improve upon it and have introduced the first testing version of “Export to Excel.”

The export to excel feature is not just a data export thing, but a pre-populated excel sheet with all the formulas and a basic what-if analysis model. And not just that, it allows the user to customize anything and even upload the customized file back on the servers to download all future files in the customized format.

Some of our users have termed it as “magic” and it indeed is. Do give it a try!

Among other features, we have added the 10 quarters data into the quarterly results for even better analysis.

We are also working on an user profile module and have set the structure for same. In the upcoming months, it will have a better integration with all the features and help users know each other better.

As usual, we did fix-up many minor bugs, did some optimizations and improved the backend code. We continue to seek your support to help us in spreading the investing love.

162 thoughts on “November Changelog: Introducing Export to Excel”

      1. Pratyush,

        Just noticed that the CMP of Mahindra & Mahindra is shown as 1039, but the actual price is around 897. Please check.


  1. Thanks for setting up this beautiful site!

    I do have a query though.

    How do I list companies operating in the same sector? For instance, listing all private sector banks? Is this function not supported yet?

    1. Hi Prashanth,

      You can search the name of industry in the top search bar and select “Full search.” It will compare all the companies in that industry.

      Hope that helps.

      Thanks a lot for the appreciation :),

    1. Hi Mohammed,

      5 Years average net profit is not available in Screener currently. We will try to add it in future.

      [5 Years average OPM is available]


  2. awesome application coming from a programmer 🙂 … !

    1: One request from me is that it would be nice to export screener results to excel sheet for any offline processing..

    2: Each ratio should have rank proxy variable (for both system and custom ratios)…. example “PE-rank” should give me the rank of the PE ratio within the returned result set… with will help us in giving our sceeners a PE-rank + ROE-rank etc (columns) as a custom defined aggregated ranking of a stock ….

    1. Thanks a lot Shashi for the appreciation.

      We will try to include export feature for screens too.

      The idea for rank proxy is nice one, though may be a little premature currently (based on current system specs). However, we believe that export feature for screens should solve that to a certain level.

      Thanks for the feedback,

      1. Pratyush thanks for the reply… and yes ability to export the screen results is must have and will be of great help!

  3. Is the dividend yield calculation correct?
    For instance, UCO Bank has yield of 7.67%? How exactly?
    Its current share price is hovering around Rs 67 and the dividend it gave out was Rs 3. Works out to be less than 5%. No?

    And thanks (belated!) for pointing out the industry search 🙂

    1. Hi Prashanth,

      Screener takes to total equity dividend paid during the last financial year. Thus in the case of UCO bank, during the financial year 2011-12, it paid a total dividend of Rs.7.50.

      Date Purpose 19/06/2012Dividend 3.00 07/07/2011 Dividend 3.00 25/06/2010Dividend

      Technically it wrong since it should take the total dividend during last 365 days (that too excluding special dividends). However, since we have limited data, thus this is all we are able to calculate currently.

      In future we will surely try to work upon it.

  4. Thanks to Dalal-Street team for creating this great site with this amazing tool. Was looking for it for quite a while.

  5. May be we can add section at beginning of each company’s page to describe the company…can be copied straight from Google finance description of co. Thereafter users can be asked to modify the content and improve on the same…

    1. Yeah, it is a nice idea, and we did try it once. The size of the text description data was too large for our servers and thus we couldn’t include it. However, will again give it a try.

  6. this looks like a very good feature and i’m dying to try it out but the site is down for some work… hope it’s up soon. by the way, from where and how do you capture the financial data?

    1. site seemed to be up but getting error when i try either company search of browse screens. any idea when it will be functional again?

      1. Hi, we have fixed the problem and the site is back up now. There was a small DDOS attack which caused the problems.

        The financial data is taken from multiple sources including the exchanges.

        Do let me know if you still get any errors.

      1. Hello Pratyush,

        I have been browsing this site since a last couple of hours, I see you worked really hard to get this up and available. What do you guys do for living? How much of your time per week does this site take?

        1. Hi Akbar,

          Thanks a lot for the appreciation.

          We are advisors cum investors. I mostly work on maintenance and development of Screener in after-hours and weekends.

          We hope you enjoy the website.

          1. A few more questions if you dont mind,

            1) Out of 1 to 5 how accurate do you rate your fundamental database is?

            2) Your database contain both NSE and BSE stocks?

            3) Is there a way to run screener on only BSE stocks or only NSE stocks at a time?


          2. Hi Akbar,

            We are pretty confident about the accuracy of our database. We rarely come across an error, and we try to fix it as soon as possible. Also, we encourage our users to report about the errors if they find any. Thus I would rate it with 99% accuracy.

            Yeah, we cover both the BSE and NSE stocks (eg. Jocil is listed only on NSE).

            We don’t yet have an option to scan only a particular exchange, but we will add it soon.

            Thanks for the feedback,

          3. Hi Pratyush,

            How do I get what language is used for screening. I clicked on screener guide link on the home page and I land up here. I was expecting a pdf document to get the variables or keywords utilized for screening.

            ex: how would I calculate sceen stocks with P/S ratio less than 1

          4. Hi Akbar,

            We have tried to use the same language as in MS Excel (which is dependent on SQL). For the list of variables, there is a link of “Show all variables” which can help in writing queries.

            We can’t provide a PDF currently as the variables go through many changes currently (being in the initial development stage).

            For example query, you can write:

            Current price / ( Sales / Number of equity shares ) < 1

            [You can also create a new ratio for Sales per share and then use it in sorting too]

          5. I have a concern
            about your TTM calculation. For example net operation TTM ending march 2013 for
            IBIPL shows as -2.16 in the screener.

            But If I manually
            calculate TTM ending march 2013 using the formula given in the link http : // en.wikipedia
            . org / wiki / Trailing_twelve_months

            I get this,

            Quater ending March
            2013 = -0.47

            Year Ending March
            2013 = -2.16

            Quater Ending March
            2012 = -1.24

            -0.47 + (-2.16) –
            (-1.24) = -1.39

            Please tell me if my
            understanding is right?

            TTM quater ending
            March 2013 = Quater ending March 2013 + Quater Ending December 2012 + Quater
            Ending Sept 2012 = Quater Ending June 2012

          6. In Screener, we take the aggregate of last 4 quarters available for the purpose of TTM figures.

            As per the last 4 quarters, the Net Profits were:

            Mar 13: -0.47
            Dec 12: -0.51
            Sep 12: -0.65
            June 12: -0.53

            Total: -2.16

            Do let me know if you feel there is some error.


          7. By what measure is TTM Net Profit for the same company (IBIPL) = -300

            http :// www . reuters . com / finance / stocks / financialHighlights ? rpc = 66 & symbol = IBIP . NS

            Please remove spaces

            Akbar Saya

          8. I couldn’t find the export-to-excel button on the output from the screen. Where is it?



          9. Hi Akbar,

            It is currently under development phase and not available for users. We will be rolling it out soon.

            Best regards,

          10. Hey Pratyush,

            Do you have any time period by when it will be available for me?

            Akbar Saya

          11. Hi Akbar,

            I am very sorry buy I can not give an estimate about when will it be available for the users.

            There are issues with the server load and risks about the abuse of this feature. Thus it is taking a little time at our end to optimize it and keep it useful.

            Best regards,

          12. Hello Pratyush,

            Hope you are doing very well!

            I have a few question, I ask them with a guiltly sense that I ask too many questions.

            The quaterly section shows half-yearly information.


            mar13, dec12, mar12, dec 11 etc.

            but overhere, the quaterly section is shown quaterly.

            mar13, dec12, sept12, jun 12 etc.

            Why is this difference? Although the link under it which opens a bseindia website shows quaterly reports perfectly.


          13. Hello Akbar,

            We don’t mind too many questions as they help us in ensuring that things are working fine.

            In case of ICICI Bank, it publishes consolidated quarterly results only on half yearly basis. On the regular quarterly basis, only the standalone results are published. These are available at:

            On BSE website, it shows standalone results by default and thus all quarters are shown.

            Hope that helps.

          14. I have far too many questions coming towards you. Is there a forum where I can ask all these questions and you can reply there and other people can also reply there.

            Alternatively, care to share your email id to shoot you my questions there.? Mine is [email protected]


          15. My last couple of posts are not visible suddenly, I saw them posted on the this page before I left. Have you deleted them? Sorry if I have not been sensitive.

            There are some more stocks which have two different sets of data.



            Notice the difference any and all the values.



            Akbar Saya

          16. No Akbar, we never delete any of the messages posted here. The comment system we have incorporated is of Disqus. It does not sort the comments in chronological order. Thus it might be possible that the earlier messages have gone into different pages.

            For the above stocks, the two pages show different data as one is based on standalone numbers, while the other is based on consolidated numbers (i.e. including the numbers of the subsidiaries).

            Hope that helps,

      2. Thanks, got the point, I was considering including exceptional items. One more query..

        1. Can I put in a “OR” condition. For e.g. how do I put this – Show stocks where working capital days are either less than 120 or more than 2000 (like in case of banks)?

  7. A suggestion : When i am looking at a company’s page say KPIT Cummins, it shows company’s peers down below. Now for any IT company it shows you those 7 to 8 peers which are all well known IT companies which is great but in case of KPIT Cummins i would like to see peers which are of similar capitalisation. Actually i don’t mind seeing all peers from the sector but i guess it will be a long list to show on that page.

      1. That’s awesome. That’s what i wanted. But am not able to sort the columns in the search results. I would like to see IT companies of similar capitalisation so that I can compare.

  8. Hi Pratyush,

    Hope you are doing great!.

    A few quick pointers.

    For the customized excel sheet, can we have dump of the Shareholding patterns and promoter pledging for the last 10 quarters.

    Also Can we have Gross Profits included, for manufacturing RM/Sales %age for current year and past years is required. If not full breakup of expenses, can we have Gross profit levels as an approximation.

    While doing my annual read up of One Up… , I was wondering whether we can plot earnings and price chart ( or in other words, historic P/E charts based on TTM earnings). If we can have the data dump it would be really helpful.

    Something of this sort:

    1. Hi, the CSV export feature is under development and testing and will be available for users soon.

      OCF is not available on quarterly basis and it is provided only in the annual reports. For this reason we are unable to provide the number under Trailing 12 months.

      Thanks a lot for the appreciation and the feedback,


      1. Thanks for the reply Another thing i’d like to clarify is for the variables Operating Cash Flow 3yr/5yr etc Are they WEIGHTED averages or a simple (sum-then divide by yrs) avg? And how about a 3 & 5 yrs OCF CAGR growth parameter (along the lines of Profit, Sales & ROE)?

        Also what does the Balance sheet total stand for Total Assets/Liabilities from the latest BS? If so would also like the preceding yr fig for the same.

        1. The cash flow variables are sum of total cashflows over that period (and not their averages).

          It is a good idea for having a OCF GAGR. Will discuss it with the team and add it if approved.

          Yeah, the balance sheet total is the total of assets/liabilities as per old schedule vi.

          1. Thanks And pls also add an EPS CAGR 3 & 5 yrs at least This is better than the Profit CAGR as it factors in any equity dilution that might have taken place.

          2. Yeah, EPS CAGR is obviously much better. But until recently, we did not have the adjusted EPS for previous years (adjusted for bonuses and splits). Now we have got that information and will soon provide the EPS growth variables.

            Thanks for the feedback.

    2. Isnt OCF (Cash flow from Operations) same as Cash from Operating Activity. It is present under ‘Cash Flow’ section.

      Please confirm

      Akbar Saya

  9. Since you seem to already have the Industry/Sector groupings for stocks, would it be possible to allow it to be used as a criteria for screening Like say … AND InIndustry(‘Industry1’, ‘Industry2’, ‘Industry3’) or through more explicit OR-ing This would be greatly relevant & helpful as many of the ratios/variables are more meaningful when viewed in a sectoral context.

    1. Yeah, the industry search has been one of the most requested features and hopefully we will be providing it soon. We are working on parser to provide a robust and easy way to include or exclude the sectors.

  10. Is it possible to create scores that will be used as a criteria for the screener? Like MyScore = [Condition1] + [Condition2] + [Condition3] … where Condition1 could be something like OPM 5yrs > 10 … And then use something like MyScore > 5 as a scan criteria?

    1. Hi CoolKal,

      You can achieve it by creating a new ratio something like this:

      if( Profit growth 10Years > 20, 3, 0) +
      if( Profit growth 5Years > 20, 2, 0) +
      if( Profit growth 3Years > 20, 1, 0) +
      if( Book value > 0 AND
      Current price < Book value , 2, 0) +
      if( Price to Earning 1, 2, 0)

      I.e the query format is similar to that of Excel:
      if( Condition, points if condition satisfied, points if condition not satisfied) +
      if( Another Condition, …

      Hope that helps,

      1. That’s great! Didn’t know could use ‘If’ Conditional statements This allows for weighting the parameters as well (according to importance)! Thanks a lot.

      2. after putting the last condition now when i need to filter based on myscore what do i need to do?

        1. You need to put the above chain conditions while creating a new ratio. After that you can use that custom ratio anywhere.

          Hope that helps,

  11. When i customize columns for a particularly screen & save, the same changes are carried over to all other screens i have. This is undesirable as i may want to look at different aspects in different screens. So can the customization be limited ONLY to the screen for which it is carried out? Are there any settings involved that i might have overlooked?

    1. Hi CoolKal,

      Most of our initial users (including ourselves) wanted the app to retain and remember their settings for their logins. In most cases, they wanted the column settings to be retained, thus we implemented that.

      Currently there is no way to make changes to only particular screen. I will discuss about it with our team.

      Thanks for the feedback,

      1. Ok Can be lived with Specially once the screen export to CSV is available All i need to do is arrange the columns once, save & export And these things don’t change everyday.

  12. Getting Server Error 500 since yesterday night when trying to open a screen (in fact anything other than the home page Even trying to post about the error from the feedback link returned the same error So posting here).

    1. Hi, when user adds too many columns or quick ratios, then screener is unable to process that user’s request. That might have been causing the error. I have removed some columns. Do let me know if you still get the error.


      1. Thanks Working now Actually none of the other user screens (cited on home page) was also not opening So thought might be a more ‘generic’ server side error?
        Btw, what’s the max no. of columns that can be used in a screen?

  13. Could you please provide the current assets & liabilities figures for the preceding year (under Balance sheet variables)? It’s already used in Working Capital preceding year Just need the two figs separately (for calculating items like preceding yr Current Ratio).

    Thanks in advance.

  14. Again stuck with the Server Error 500 This time had just added a few new ratios in the custom ratios section Seems like some of these new ones have got carried over to the screen Please remove some of the columns (towards the right edge) as before.

    Sorry for troubling you again Will be more careful hereafter.

  15. Is it possible to provide the Return on Equity figs for latest qtr & preceding year qtr? (or the figs forTrailing 12 months & Preceding 12 months) Even the Net Worth/Total equity figs would do.

    1. Sorry, but as the detailed balance sheet figures are not available on quarterly basis, thus we are unable to calculate and provide Return On Equity and Net Worth on quarterly basis.

      1. Ok Also pls look into the earlier request on the Current Assets & Liabilities figs for the preceding year.

  16. Hi Pratyush
    When we set Alerts for a screen we get a mail when a new company fulfills the criteria. Can we get the ‘specific company name’ ? Like xyz script has been added newly

  17. Hello Sir, Thank you for the amazing website, my first source for any information regarding stocks. (Helping me to save money from been looted 🙂

    Q: How can I make screener for the following stock?
    “A cash bargain arises when the market value of a company goes below the amount of cash and other liquid assets in its possession, net of all current liabilities and debt. – Prof. Sanjay Bakshi”.
    Any help for a novice person like me will be highly appreciated.

    1. Hi Spirit,

      In very simple form the query can be:

      Market Capitalization < Cash end of last year – Debt

      But the above won't cover all the companies as intended in the original thought. "Other liquid assets" is a subjective term and is not classified in the balance sheet. Thus it is required to be calculated on the case to case basis, and in the quality companies and in the actual cash bargains, it wont reflect on the face of the balance sheet.

      Hope that helps.

      Thanks a lot for the kind words and the feedback.

  18. Hi,
    first amazing work…..
    thanks a ton….
    but as said….. we remain perpetual hungry….
    can we have raw material consumption in PL statement.
    the reason is …. i feel rather than OPM, gross margin can be early indicator of co. prosperity, as it takes some time to reach scale benefits.

    1. Hi Ritesh,

      I totally agree with you on the importance of gross margins. But currently we don’t have the breakup of raw-material expenses in the backend.

      Recent changes in the reporting formats coupled with companies’ own re-groupings make it hard to derive the quantitative measure of raw-material expenses.

      I will still try to find some way out.

      Thanks for the appreciation and the feedback,

  19. What i’m really hungry for is the cash flow on a qtrly basis. We do get the operating profit If we could gather the Working capital change (payables, recievables & inventory changes) we could get a fair measure. But doubt if the latter can be gleaned from the qtrly statements that the exchanges provide.

  20. How to get the change in equity yr-on-yr? One way is if the Book Value for last & preceding yrs is provided (the no. of equity shares for last & preceding yrs already there) Or else if the Equity Capital, Preference Capital, Reserves and revaluation reserves for the preceding yr is provided under Balance Sheet variables. The latter should be surely possible.

    1. Hi CoolKal,

      Return on equity is more important to remain consistent than to increase.

      Usually, the companies are not able to maintain the same level of profitability on the employed funds as the size increases and thus the ROE decreases. If a company is able to maintain the profitability (say 30% returns), then the ROE remains same. It is extremely rare for a company to increase the ROE on year-on-year basis (I know of none).

      For this reason, we provide the long range weighted average roe ratios of Average return on equity 3Years / 5years/ 7years/ 10years and a decreasing trend in this should be worried-off.

      We do have these 3 variables: Return on equity preceding year, Return on equity and Return on equity 5years growth which might solve your original question.

      Do let me know if you have some queries,

      1. Didn’t mean the RoE but the total equity or Networth (per share = Book Value) RoE = Net Profit/Networth (which is why it’s also known as Return on Net Worth or RoNW).
        Also explains my other question on calculating the change in NetWorth/Total Equity by using RoEs & Net Profit for latest & preceding year. (A little convoluted but only way based on what’s currently provided)

  21. Btw, how about (Net Profit/Return on Equity) – (Net Profit preceding yr/ROE preceding yr) Will that serve the purpose for getting the y-o-y change in equity?

    1. We check following items to get an idea about a company’s management:

      1. Related party transactions
      2. Dividend policies – If the dividend payout is not high, then check how the retained earnings are utilized over the years.
      3. Managment remuneration (especially during depressed times).
      4. Insider trades – can be viewed on exchange website
      5. Check what did management say in the past in their annaul reports, and what they did in the years following that.
      6. Check credit rating reports if available.

      We also try to attend the AGMs to meet the management. Philip Fisher’s book – Common Stocks for Uncommon Profits – details some exhaustive scuttlebutt techniques. Together these are sufficient to get an upper-hand knowledge about the management as well as their business.

  22. Hi , I am new to this forum. Just need to know tollowing things
    1) Can we get twelve trailing month Market capitalization of the stock or 180 days moving average of the stock

    2) screener – Can we have the stock sector also, in criteria and columns

    3) excel export for the screener is it available now

    4)stock names displayed in this screener are not same that in displayed in Moneycontrol , rediff etc (eg other sites shows line TCS, here its tata consultacy services.) why it is differing

  23. Price to Earning 5 AND
    Sales growth 3Years > 5

    Based on the above parameter i want to find companies.
    I want the list to be shown as if we are in Fy 10 or any specific year. today if i run this in screener i will get those company which are fulfilling the conditions today.
    Is it possible to get the historical list ?


    1. Hi Anup,

      The feature of back testing is not available in the screener. We have it in the todo list, but won’t be implemented in the near short term.


  24. Hi Pratyush,

    Can you provide a link to download the excel sheet template so that I can have a better look at it..?

  25. HI Pratyush, This is fantastic tool almost ‘god sent’ extremely useful and what a user interface , too good bosss , hats off to you guys.. i am happy to donate or even help with learning and making it even better.

    If you don’t mind can you please the compounded profit growth calculations? e.g. for a stock called LG Balakrishnan the 3 years Compounded Profit growth is shown as 1.65% and 5 Years is 54.xx% but i am not able to figure out how is this arrived at if I use Mar 14 Annual Profit after tax and Mar 10 or Mar 09 profit after tax? As this value will have implications on PEG ratio which I think uses 5 yr compounded Profit Growth , I found that for some stock i could reconcile it with Excel calculations but not for some of the stocks.

    Regards JAK

    1. Thanks a lot Jaydeep for the appreciation.

      The growth ratios are calculated on profit after tax exclusive of exceptional and extraordinary items – this provides a better comparability. The net profit figures shown in Annual Results is inclusive of exceptional and extraordinary items. This might be the reason that in some cases the figure reconciles and in some cases it doesn’t.

      Hope that helps. Do let me know if you still have any doubts.


  26. i have uploaded the excel format which i use but got error when tried to use export to excel link. Please guide.

  27. Hi Pratyush
    Pls provide us the link to upload the customized excel file, to the site.
    I could not find any link in the site.. Only ” Export to excel” option is seen?

    Is uploading Customized workbooks options removed at present?
    Further more, the feedback link is not working.. Please guide.


      1. Hi Pratyush

        Thanks for sharing link. I have successfully uploaded my customized excel file.

        Now that another problem, how to download all future files from screener in my customized file format.

        Another suggestion.. why is it not any FAQ is found.. Kindly lets have one,.. coz it will avoid lots of silly doubts like the one that i have made here..


          1. Thanks again Pratyush for guiding us.
            As you said.. i tried “export to excel” option, but then it showed error message, which i am copy pasting here for reference. Pls lemme know any mistake i have done..( uploading Customized excel was done earlier successfully)

            Error msg:

            Error 500: Whoops! Something has broken down.

            Sorry, but the requested page is unavailable due to a
            server hiccup.
            Our engineers have been notified, so check back later.

            You can also help us by describing the problem here.


          2. The error is raised when the system is unable to parse the uploaded excel file. Did you upload the Excel 2007 file? It does not work with the older format (xls does not work, xlsx works).

            Hope that helps,

  28. Hi Pratyush,

    Do you store data in SQL or Excel at backend? If it is in excel, screener has very intuitive way to display data in analysis-ready format.

    Could you provide glimpse into the process of turning excel (back end) into beautiful product, screener (front end)?

    1. Hi Varun,

      Though we began with storing data in excel sheets, the current setup is a combination of SQL and custom file format. There are multiple layers through which the data is processed, queried and then presented. We now have customized parsers that converts the user queries to interact with the data warehouse in an efficient way.

      Hope that helps,

  29. Hi Pratyush
    When i download excel today , i see that data is not populated in all sheets. Till yesterday it was woking ine . Can you please check this

    1. In some cases the company data might not be available. Can you please give it a retry it some other company?

      If problem persists, then please let me know.

  30. Pratyush, it seems your data has similar holes as the data in It seems your data is a ripoff from Dion Global Data Solutions or Your claim that the data is plucked directly from BSEINDIA is questionable. Your thoughts?

  31. why are not you making variable to comapre YOY profits with previous year profit ..Suppose I want to find stocks who have got 25% more profit than previous year profit .It it is there to do ….similarly for compare quarterly profit now with previous one …

  32. Prathyush, Could you verify the Market cap calculation in the data sheet of excel. i think the value exported in excel is incorrect



    Thanking you.

  34. is this feature “export to excel” still available? i cannot find it on my page, can someone help me in tracing that?

  35. In ‘Profit & Loss’ tab in excel, the Expenses is a calculated field and is wrong. This is because ‘Raw Material Cost’ includes ‘Change in Inventory’ and should be subtracted rather than added. reports correctly though. Check PC Jeweller for instance.

  36. When I downloaded excel for Kaveri Seed and tried to open, it gave me an excel error – “Excel found unreadable content …”. It repaired something and then opened. Did not happen with some others I tried.

  37. hi, i have been trying to do this export to excel function but it is showing error 500.
    kindly let me know whats the issue

  38. Export to Excel is available for individual company data. But it is not available in watchlist page. Can I export watchlist to excel.
    Can I re-arrange columns of the watchlist page the way I want by drag and drop?

  39. @pratyushmittal:disqus can we get the historical screeners data, as if i want to know which companies shifted from loss to profits in 2015, if i can get such historical data then it will be easier to backtest the strategy or it will be easy to analyse the shares from different screens, thanks

  40. How can I import data from screens directly to google sheets using importhtml function? This is screen data and not of individual stocks.

  41. The export to excel is a great feature. Thanks a lot.But it would be even great if there would be export to excel or feature for the watchlist and the scan results. so that we save the scan results easily and study the stocks. Also kindly add the nse scrip code of the stocks along with the names as of now. It would be a great feature.

  42. This is an awesome feature. Many thanks, it is a lifesaver. I was wondering if it is possible to download more than 10 years data. For instance, now whenever I download I see data from 2008 to 2017, even though I am able to see data for years prior to 2008 in Screener. Is there a way I can request Screener to provide data for prior years. This is useful because sometimes I use 3 year ratio, and I am not able to calculate for 2008 and 2009. Appreciate any thoughts on this. Thanks.

  43. I’m able to upload my customized excel (based on the default excel export, without modifying any pre-existing tabs and data sheet). However exporting the data for a company fails thereafter. I get the error – “Template Error, Do you wish to reset the customization”. Please help!!!

  44. Please add the facility for export and import watchlist to/from excel. Also please add the NSE/BSE code along with scrip name.

  45. Dear Pratyush,
    for last couple of days, we are facing some issue in ‘export to excel’ feature. At the time of opening the file getting error message from Microsoft excel: “excel found unreadable content”(screenshot attached).
    We appreciate your hard work in creating such a beautiful tool and we all are heavily dependent on this feature(export to excel). Please look into this issue.

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