October change-log


  • Columns are movable now
  • Auto detection of consolidated numbers
  • Better user ratios
  • Added “Spread the investing love” page
  • Many fixes and optimizations

Last month had been very interesting. We have been visiting places, meeting other value investors and taking inputs to make Screener even more powerful. In the meantime we have also been optimizing and fixing things in Screener. Few of the optimizations are:

1. Movable columns (as shown in above image):

You can drag and move the result columns while screening. The Screener automatically saves and remembers the settings.

2. Auto detection of important consolidated numbers:

While including support for consolidated numbers, we had the dilemma to show between standalone figures and the consolidated figures as the default. Consolidated figures give the complete picture, but (more) often the quarterly numbers are not available/published for the consolidated results. Also, in many companies, the subsidiaries are only a very small size and thus the standalone figures are better as they are more detailed and consistent.

To solve the above, we created an algorithm to check weather there is a substantial difference between the consolidated and standalone numbers (based on the turnover and the balance sheet size). Using this algorithm, the Screener now automatically shows the more important results when you search for any company.

Also, if you are viewing any company’s standalone numbers, while its consolidated numbers are substantially different, then the link for consolidated results will be highlighted.

Eg of companies where standalone figures more important: GRPAtul AutoAstral
Companies where consolidated figures more important: Most pharma companies, Lumax Auto

3. Improved the system of user ratios:

Earlier the users were unable to create a new ratio if it was already created by someone else. Since we were unable to moderate and check all the user created ratios, thus it became hard for users to create a new ratio which already existed. We have improved upon this functionality and users can now create their own ratios by any name.

4. Added spread the investing love page:

We request our users to keep spreading the word about Screener. It is the best motivator for us and helps us in building tools to make investing easier.

5. Many other fixes and optimizations:

We fixed and optimized many little things including the search completion in top, the logout link, ratio descriptions, core formulas and other which we don’t remember :).

Thanks for your support, keep sending in your feedback.

Happy Investing!!!

26 thoughts on “October change-log”

  1. This is like Carzy good, Just superb. Question, and suggestion will add more as and when i find it.

    Question: I have added more than 12 stocks in the watch list but can see only 9 on the watch list page, when i do manage Watch list i can see all 12, whats the issue?

    Suggestion: can you add EBIDTA Margin as one of the ratio?

  2. Hi Pratyush,

    Carry on the Superb Work !!!

    Same issue as mentioned by Vikrant. What happens actually is of the 14 companies in my watchlist for 3 – the consolidated numbers are relevant – Opto, Dishman and Cox & Kings.

    Strangely enough the in the view screen only the other 11 are displayed ( for whom standalone results are prima facie important)

    Also, can we have an option for multiple watchlists. ( 1 for Portfolio stocks, 1 for next to buy etc.) Hope this won’t be too much of effort to add.

    Thanks again,


    1. Thanks Rudra for providing the details. I have fixed it now. It should show the complete list now.

      Multiple watchlist is there on the development path, though there are a few more new features lined up before it. We expect them to be big.

      Also, thanks a lot for the wonderful blog post and spreading the word around :).


  3. Money for nothing, Screener for free. Great job done! My heartiest congratulations to you.
    Am I asking for the sun? Perhaps some technical charts can be put up for those who would like to take advantage of the fundamentals with the technicals. But, keep it simple. That is the high point of Screener. Surely spreading the good news far and wide.

  4. When I run a screen & I select 5 yr profit CAGR as a columnI see a blank under fe companies e.g.NIIT Ltd , Camlin fine sciences. Why is this so while the firms have more than 5 years operating history. When I go to the individual companies I see that they have 5 yr standalone history but not consolidated numbers – something to do with this it seems…

    1. In some cases, the companies have many subsidiaries and thus only the consolidated results give the complete picture of a company. Since in the given cases, the consolidated results are not available for earlier years, thus the column is shown blank.

      To solve this, we will soon provide an option of scanning all results, i.e. standalone as well as consolidated. That should solve the problem.

      Hope that helps,

    1. Hi Satya, 52w Index variable is not available in screener.

      We will try to improve upon the documentation in future.

      Thanks for the feedback,

  5. This is a great website. I tried sending some feedback at [email protected] but the delivery failed permanently: Technical details of permanent failure:
    DNS Error: Domain name not found. Anyway I am copying the issue here again. Yesterday evening, the website was showing 502 Bad gateway error. Then it was showing some weird numbers in different ratios. Right now, it is showing wrong Price to Book Value for several companies, for example Ajanta Pharma P/BV is shown as 0.75, when actually it is around 10, and 0 for Alok Industries and REC Ltd etc.

    1. Hi Rakesh,

      Thanks for notifying.

      Yesterday we made some significant changes in the Screener engine for a faster and safer screening. The update caused a problem at few places. We have tried to fix all the issues now.

      Do let me know if you still face any problems.


      1. First thanks pratyush for excellent work…
        I know it is hard to observe that many think for particular stock sowing wrong like promoter holding like torrent pharma, Alembic pharma or QOQ sales and QOQ profit number same it observe for other stock. Can you try to fix those. I know it is hard to observe one by stock but the main perpase of the web site to give information if it wrong not making any sense. Please try to correct.
        Thanks again for the excellent website.

      2. Hi Pratush,
        Great work done by you and the team. Just have a couple of quick questions if you could answer.

        1) by default, are the results in query builder on standalone numbers or consolidated one and how to move from to the other in query builder?

        2) There is difference in EPS and EPS(Unadjusted) values. Can you please confirm the difference.

  6. Can you add a functionality to delete a custom ratio by the creator if required . Currently we dont have one

  7. Hi Pratyush,

    After I adjust the screener I want to export the list of all the companies (with the customized columns ) in an excel or .txt format. Can you help me with any suggestion or is there any upcoming update that is going to help me with this?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. HI, am unable to move or drag and drop colums .. using mozilla firefox. Is this a browser issue or the functionality is not available ? Regards

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