Included support for consolidated numbers and other updates recently

One of the most common requests in the feedbacks had been to include consolidated in screener for screening and analysis purpose. We have integrated the support of consolidated numbers in screener now.

Other updates:

– Added a new line item of Operating Margin (OPM) in Annual Results– Added option to delete custom screens
– While viewing screens, keeping the mouse over the column name will show its full description now

Any many more changes in the backend to improve the overall performance of the Screener. Keep sending us the feedback to help us continuously improve the screener.

18 thoughts on “Included support for consolidated numbers and other updates recently”

  1. Excellent work “Screener Team” , keep up the good work.

    I want to know is there any way we can get all the companies listed within a sector? Example, if I want to see all companies under “Pharmaceutical Sector” for comparative valuation analysis, how can I screen for these companies?

    Another thing that I noticed is that the screener is returning some companies which are not trading i.e halted by exchanges etc. Is there any code we can add to filter these results?

    Rest everything is cool, I have not seen such a comprehensive screener based on fundamental analysis for Indian stock markets till date, thumbs up to you guys. All the best. Thanks.

      1. Thanks Pratyush for a quick reply and solving my query.

        Can we add a “sector” column next to company’s name so that we can quickly ignore certain sectors from screener’s result, may be because of adverse government policy, example mining.

        Regarding inactive companies one can have a condition like
        If “trading volume” < 1 return false
        Provided you are getting daily trading volume data for your database.

        Many thanks 🙂

  2. Excellent site. I am just curious about the accuracy of data. Do you source it from any of the providers or do you have an internal team?

    1. Hello Sandeep,

      We have tried to ensure the best accuracy at our end by using the best frameworks and technologies. However, we don’t feed all the data ourselves and thus there might be a few errors (though we have noticed none).

      Currently the data is sourced from various sources, though we are working on tying up with some good data providers too.

  3. Perhaps the best screener in India.. I really wish they would add two additional items: Free float capitalization (in addition to market cap) and also Institutional holdings

  4. Hi Pratyush,

    In “Quick lookup ratio” Enterprise value is shown in Rupees instead of crore rupees

    Thanks in advance.

  5. hello pratyush,
    You are doing a great job to the investment community and I don’t know how to thank you for this, everything is great here, and i would like to know
    1) is there a way to get API access to your site?
    2) missing information on public share holding information(promoter % is here), FII holding % etc.
    Thanks a lot friend.

  6. Hello, the screens run data using standalone nos. or consolidated nos. ? Is there a way to set the screen which uses consolidated nos.

  7. Can someone please reply How can I run queries for consolidated nos. ???? Asked this multiple times but didn’t get answer ?

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