Quick ratios in the blink of an eye

A feature we felt an umpteen need for, was the ability to see a specific ratio for a company in a very quick way. Screener’s quick ratio feature, does exactly that!

Calculate financial ratios quickly in Screener

Quick ratios can be used to calculate complex ratios, or quickly see a particular financial figure of a company. Screener automatically remembers your settings and shows those quick-ratios for all the companies.

5 thoughts on “Quick ratios in the blink of an eye”

  1. Hi, Thanks for a great tool. Is there a way we can view all the available ratios and then select them? The reason is because I am unable to find some common ratios like Price to Sales ratio or Price to Free Cash Flow. I tried to add them in custom ratio but unable to do correctly or getting a wrong value.

  2. I like the intrinsic value part, I am just curious how you calculate it. The formulae is not displayed anywhere.

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