Add “notes” in Screener

We have introduced a contextual noting system in the Screener to gather targeted inputs about a company. Instead of adding vague-opinions, users can leave targeted section notes on a company’s financials. A “section” with notes looks like this:

Section notes in Screener

To post a note on a “section”, just click on the border next to the section you want to annotate:

Adding section notes

As the other investors will read the company’s details, they will get a better insight about a company’s history through the notes added by other users. Together, it will help in a better decision making and sharing wisdom with all.

Viewing section notes

The idea for section notes has been inspired fromĀ DjangoBook, a guide about the Django Web framework for the Python programming language.

15 thoughts on “Add “notes” in Screener”

  1. Dear Sir
    I am new to this and hence my question may be silly. I find a user has created a Ratio ” Graham Number”, “Earning Power”, and ‘Intrinsic Value” . I want to use these variables but would like to know the formula behind them. How do I see this ( without editing, just to make sure that is what I want). I created some ratio’s and in retrospect would like to delete them. How do I do this?
    Ravindra Bhat

    1. Hello Sir,

      Currently Screener does not show the formulas. We are working on the module to display the formulas where created by other users. Hopefully it will be up in a month or so.

      There is also no option to delete old ratios currently. This is because screener does not know if the old formula has been used elsewhere or not (and thus creating ghost screens or ghost ratios). We are working on this too.

      Thanks a lot for the feedback.

      Best regards,

      1. Sir,

        Thank you, I understand your concerns, but if a ratio is badly conceived and it isn’t visible to others it may cause unpredictable results. Maybe some sort of comment / note to the originator / note from the originator ( if he wants to remove it – after checking on its usage) / rights to public to edit it ( improve it?).

        When do you update the CMP? Is it possible to update during the day ( maybe every hour).
        I am absolutely fascinated by the site and am reasonably sure there is no other site which provides both screening and watchlist.
        I am not a finance person and your Pros / Cons are very helpful.

        Thanks and keep up the good work,


        Ravindra Bhat

  2. Please tell me where I can add notes about the company. For instance Manaksis has given 2 rs int div and the same is not shown in the company report.

    1. Hi Ram,

      The option to add notes in has been disabled currently due to recent updates. We will be bringing back this feature in an improved form soon.

  3. Awesome job guys! Have been investing for last 9 years but this is by far the best screnner I have come across.

    It would be great if you can allow to add private notes about the companies – this will enable complete research on the app itself.

  4. Certain ratios use “Total Liabilities” inorder to calculate ratios, I am unable to prompt “total liabilities” on the query builder. Please advice.

  5. Why some scrips like goodricke group and ambika cotton are not showing on screen after adding to watchlist.

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