Add “notes” in Screener

We have introduced a contextual noting system in the Screener to gather targeted inputs about a company. Instead of adding vague-opinions, users can leave targeted section notes on a company’s financials. A “section” with notes looks like this:

Section notes in Screener

To post a note on a “section”, just click on the border next to the section you want to annotate:

Adding section notes

As the other investors will read the company’s details, they will get a better insight about a company’s history through the notes added by other users. Together, it will help in a better decision making and sharing wisdom with all.

Viewing section notes

The idea for section notes has been inspired from DjangoBook, a guide about the Django Web framework for the Python programming language.

Quick ratios in the blink of an eye

A feature we felt an umpteen need for, was the ability to see a specific ratio for a company in a very quick way. Screener’s quick ratio feature, does exactly that!

Calculate financial ratios quickly in Screener

Quick ratios can be used to calculate complex ratios, or quickly see a particular financial figure of a company. Screener automatically remembers your settings and shows those quick-ratios for all the companies.