Setting alerts in Screener

You can use Screener to create alerts for the stock-screens and for the companies in your watchlist.

Alerts for Screens

Creating alerts for a saved stock screen is just one-click-work. Alerts for stock screen

There are two options for the alerts:

– Alerts for the new results: You will get an email whenever a new company fits the criteria of the screen. It is helpful for the stock screens which are based on the figures of latest quarters. Screener automatically scans for new results and emails the list of new companies every quarter.

– Alerts for changes in top results: Often the stock-screens are made to scan the companies at the end of the spectrum. This alert automatically sorts the results and then email the top 15 companies in the list. It monitors the daily changes in prices and valuations and emails all the further changes in the top 15 results.

Alerts for Stocks

Alerts for the companies in your watchlist are enabled by default.

Screener automatically emails the new announcements and the latest annual reports for the companies added in the watchlist. This aids in taking timely decisions as you are always stay upto-date about your companies.

Screener never sends a spam email and you can opt-out for any of the above updates at any time.

8 thoughts on “Setting alerts in Screener”

  1. Keep up the great work guys! One thing that I feel could be particularly helpful would be an alert in case a new company comes up on the screener so that you can immediately track that company instead of having to look through the whole list of companies, let me know what you guys think…

  2. who can i remove alert for a particular screen and how i can get alreat for my watchlist ?? can any one help me out

  3. hi
    pls advise from which database the result is coming from, is it NSE or BSE. is there anyway to get the result from Nifty50 or BSE50 or by sector etc…
    thanks and appreciation for the guys who have developed and maintained this site, it is of great help

  4. there are many stocks which is not get added to Watchlist…like SKF india, JAY bharat Maruti, Pittilam, LAOPALA, many many …almost near 300 stocks ( i have list) cannot be added to watch list…. Kindly look into this bug….while adding it gets added but cannot seen in the watchlist….

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