Creating stock screens in Screener

Screener allows the investors to create their own stock-screens or modify the existing ones.

It further allows an investors to:
– sort and customize the results
– save the stock-screen
– set email alerts for the screen
– or share the screen with others

In Screener, everything is a financial variable, just like the cells in MS Excel. Using these variables, you can create your own financial ratios and write equations to screen the stocks.

Financial variables in Screener

You can click on “Show all variables” to scan through all the available variables.

Creating Screens:

Stock screens can be as simple (yet effective) as Current price < Book value.

You can further combine multiple conditions using AND and OR, example:
Current price < Book value AND
Price to Earning < 8 AND
Market Capitalization > 200

Saving Screens:

Saving custom screens

You can sort the above results and click the save button to save the screen. After saving a screen, you can set alerts for it to receive automatic updates.

If you have any problem finding some variables, or need assistance with the query creation, then you can post it here in comments and we will try to assist you.

871 thoughts on “Creating stock screens in Screener”

  1. Hi Ayush,

    I really liked the idea of Stock screener, and i really appreciate that.

    I need some help in query creation using variable Working capital.

    I want to see all the companies that have decreasing working capital during the last 3-4 Years.

    How do i do that? Awaiting for your reply.


    1. Hi Phanindra,

      glad that you liked the Screener.

      You can find the companies with decreasing capital using following query:
      Working capital 3Years back < Working capital 5Years back AND Working capital preceding year < Working capital 3Years back AND Working capital < Working capital 3Years back

  2. Thanks a lot for this great website. can you please let me know how can I setup filters for Promoters Shares holding percentages and for shares pledged? Thanks in Advance.

    1. Hi Madhu, we have added two new variables: Promoter holding and Unpledged promoter holding. You can use these two to filter companies on these criteria.

      An example query:
      Promoter holding > 40 AND
      Unpledged promoter holding > 30

  3. List of on_ variables :

    I see that you support on_sensex and on_nifty. I just dont see any help text and hence wanted to know whether you support filters for midcap and smallcap stocks. Maybe something like on_bsemidcap and on_bsesmallcap.
    Maybe just a general nomenclature where we can give on_indexname in the future πŸ™‚
    I cant ever get the filter right for midcap, smallcap and microcap companies. Maybe there is a better way than to filter by index ?

    1. Hi Arun,

      on_sensex & on_nifty are (the only two) undocumented variables. We don’t have on_indexname variables at the moment, but we will try to include them in future.

      Thanks for the suggestion.

      1. Thanks a lot for taking my input. Excellent resource overall for investors like me. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for putting this together.

  4. Sector/Peer Average EV/EBITDA

    Sometimes we have to compare the EV/EBITDA of a company to its peers when analyzing the attractiveness of the stock wrt its peers or the sector.
    It would be incredibly helpful if you could include a average of the EV/EBITDA
    of the peers/sector in your input metrics.

    Thanks for your kind help

  5. Great work. Generating queries may not be easy or intuitive to all. I Suggest to add drop down boxes of variables and another dropdown for operator symbols in words that is greater than , less than and not or =)

  6. Need financing cash flow (3 years avg) and net cash flow (3 years avg)

    We have 3 year avgs for operating cash flow and investing cash flow already.
    If we can get the above 2 averages, we can easily derive the P/FCF ratio (either using the financing cash flow avg or even better a net cash flow average).

    Thanks for your help.

  7. Terrific job! Congrats and please keep it up.

    % difference of CMP from 52W lows / highs, would be a great variable to have.

    1. Thanks :).

      There are two variables Up from 52w low and Down from 52w high for this.

      Example query (to find stocks near their low):
      Up from 52w low < 5

        1. Had a little hick-up in the database while adding a new feature. Have fixed it now.

          Thanks for noticing it,

  8. Am interested in finding 1. Growth, Value, Quality, Safety, of Stocks.
    How do I give correct weightages to say 10 Years, 5 Years, 1 Year & 1 Quarter for each like for Growth of Sales, PAT, EPS, Div/Share.
    Similarly how do I give correct weightages for Value itms like P/E, P/BV, Div. yield, PEG, etc for Value. And similarly weightages for Quality & Safety.

    1. Hi, it is good approach to create a weighted score. You can achieve it by creating a new ratio something like this:

      if( Profit growth 10Years > 20, 3, 0) +
      if( Profit growth 5Years > 20, 2, 0) +
      if( Profit growth 3Years > 20, 1, 0) +
      if( Book value > 0 AND
      Current price < Book value , 2, 0) + if( Price to Earning < 8, 2, 0) + if( Dividend yield > 1, 2, 0)

      You can create it using ratio form:

      if( Condition, points if condition satisfied, points if condition not satisfied) +
      if( Another Condition, …

      Hope that helps,

      1. Hi Pratyush, I really appreciate this website created by you… It is a fantastic job… I never saw this kind of Fundamental screener before…. I want to understand few things:

        1. I made my own customized screener with ROE, D/E ratio, PE, P/B, Div Yield etc… But when the results came, there were no column for ROE, D/E ratio and few other… If we selected some criteria in our customized screener, then I think at least those columns should be there in the results… Your comments will be appreciated on this pls.

        2. When trying to create own ratio, suppose I want to include ROE ratio… then how to know what is the name to put in the numirator and denominator…. When I went to ‘Show all Variables’ and clicked on Return on Equity , then the page went nowhere…. How to create our own ratio then…. Pls help.

        I will highly appreciate your early reply

        1. Hi,

          Screener does provide an option to customize the columns:

          I agree that it can be made intelligent to add the relevant columns automatically. I will try to add this functionality in future.

          In custom ratio builder, it automatically starts completing the word as you type. I will try to add the “Show all variables” functionality on ratio builder screen too.

          Thanks a lot for the appreciation and the feedback.

      2. Dear Pratyush, I have only one word for your website — ‘Unbelievable’… You do not know what your site is going to become in future… It is going to be number one website for stock screening… Mark my words…(and may be it has already become..!!)… Thanks a ton for your work.

  9. Need variables for Gross Profit Margin (GPM)

    Can you please add some data for GPM. I see data for NPM and OPM already in the list.


  10. sir,i want to know how important is G factor and how do i take my investment decision based on the same & also i would appreciate if you can guide me as to which screens do i look for if i want to buy & hold stocks for 1 year and Gain a profitable portfolio.

  11. Hi,
    How can I screen with following variable

    5 yr.Avergae ROCE above 20
    5 yr Average OPM above 20
    PE ratio below 10
    5 yr Average Dividend Yield above 3%


    1. Hi Vikas,

      This can be done using this query:
      Average return on capital employed 5Years > 20 AND
      OPM 5Year > 20 AND
      Price to Earning < 10 AND Average 5years dividend / Number of equity shares * 100 / Current price > 3

  12. Thank you guys for the hard work. Keep it up.

    Uncertain times like this demand that we choose a company which is debt free and therefore Debt to Equity ratio!

    Could you help me with this.

    Thank you

  13. Hi,

    This is a nice screener, love the flexibility it provides.

    I am looking at building a query where current year EPS is 20% greater than preceding year, and preceding year EPS > 20% of the year before EPS. How can I do this? Do you also have 3-year / 5-yr CAGR EPS growth?


    1. Hi Prasad,

      Thanks for the appreciation.

      We have a variable for ‘Return on equity 5years growth’ which can serve a similar purpose. In case of EPS comparison, it doesn’t account for corporate actions such as bonus and splits as well as changes in equity. Thus this can be a good substitute as it adjusts for these changes.


      1. Thanks Pratyush for the quick response.

        Do you have a variable for % of FII holding / foreign holding?


  14. Hi,
    This is awesome work and it’s so efficient. I am new to using it and need help in creating a query as below.

    Earnings per share (EPS) for the past 10 years should be +ve
    long-term debt to earnings ratio should be less than or equal to five
    10-year average ROTC is greater than or equal to 12%
    10-year return on retained earnings should be greater than or equal to 12%.

    Thanks in advance

  15. The figure given in 2012 Jindal Steel consolidated balance sheet (34167.14 cr) does not match the one given in the annual report (45,007 cr)

    What is the source of your financial data because I am not sure if I can put faith in the screener if the data is misleading.

    1. Hello Himanshu,

      Thanks for trying out Screener and leaving your feedback.

      The differences are due to the recent amendments in Schedule VI which require regrouping of Current Liabilities and Provisions under Liabilities side, from this year onward.

      In Screener, the old format has been maintained to keep the figures comparable with previous years. Thus Current Liabilities and Provisions have been reduced from Current Assets.

      Thus the figures are correct for the company and the differences are only due to regrouping (without any effect on revenue and profits).

      Let us know if you face any other issues.

      Best Regards,
      Screener Team

  16. How to find
    1. the company which never posted a loss in last five years on an annualised basis.
    2. It is a dividend paying company
    3. For the past six years, company is reporting an increase of at least 50% in its turnover in every two years
    4. Quarterly EPS is 100% higher than the EPS posted in the entire FY last year

    1. Hello Deepak, you can try something like this:

      Net profit > 0 AND
      Net Profit last year > 0 AND
      Net Profit preceding year > 0 AND

      Average 5years dividend > 0 AND
      Dividend last year > 0 AND
      Dividend preceding year > 0 AND

      Sales growth 7Years > 20 AND
      Sales growth 5Years > 20 AND
      Sales growth 3Years > 20 AND

      Return on equity > 2 * Return on equity preceding year

  17. How is Price to earnings calculated? Marico’s 2012 earnings were 5.15 Rs and CMP is 202 which gives a PE of 39 while the PE show in BLUEST screener is 33. Why such a huge difference?

    1. Hi Himanshu,

      PE is calculated based on trailing 12 month’s figures (instead of the last annual results). Trailing 12 months figures are taken as they are more relevant and current figures.

      Also, the figures are calculated differently for standalone results and for consolidated results. Thus Marico has a PE of ~33 based on standalone figures, but a PE of ~37 based on consolidated figures.

      In Screens, first the consolidated numbers are check for the results. If the company’s consolidated numbers don’t satisfy a condition but standalone result satisfies the condition, then standalone result is show with a ‘(S)’ appended after a company’s name.

      Hope that clears the doubt.


  18. Hi Pratyush,

    I would like to shortlist companies based on following parameters.

    Can you please help me how to do it?

    Sales and profit growth for last 10 years > 10%

    Return on Equity for last 10 years > 15%

    Debt to Equity for last 10 years 3%

    P/E < 20

    P/BV 0

    Altman Z Score > 3

    Current Ratio > 1.5

    1. Hi Avadhut,

      please try this query:

      Sales growth 10Years > 10 AND

      Profit growth 10Years > 10 AND

      Average return on equity 10Years > 15 AND

      Debt to equity 3 AND

      Price to Earning < 20 AND

      Price to book value 3 AND

      Current ratio > 1.5

  19. Hi Pratyush and team,

    I want to scan small cap growth stock with following criteria….

    smallcap stocks means marketcap < 1800 cr




    request urgent help pls

    1. Hi Ashish,

      You may try something like this:

      YOY Quarterly sales growth > 25 AND
      YOY Quarterly profit growth > 25 AND
      Market Capitalization < 200

      Hope that helps,

          1. Hi Ashish,

            We don’t have the data about investments by financial institutions in Screener.

            For equity shares outstanding you can use:
            Number of equity shares 0

            Hope that covers all the criteria.

          2. Thanks Pratyush…some figures are in lakhs or crore and i really dont know what is the factor in those variables….pls review the below statement for criterias and make corrections so that it reflects the correct figures….example, pls see market captzn is what value? is outstanding shares in million…make changes and give me the revised code is fashion as below….first line is my criteria and line below is ur code…Thanks

            smallcap stocks means marketcap < 1800 cr
            Market Capitalization < 200

            Number of equity shares 0

            No data

            R=REVENUE GROWTH >25% YOY
            YOY Quarterly sales growth > 25

            E=EARNINGS GROWTH >25% YOY
            YOY Quarterly profit growth > 25

          3. Thanks… i m using below screener then….can u pls share the glossary of the variables like a guide (pdf file)? Can i add more columns to the screen output?

            Market Capitalization < 1800
            Number of equity shares 0
            YOY Quarterly sales growth > 25
            YOY Quarterly profit growth > 25

          4. For all the variables, you can click on “Show all variables” link just near the run the screen button.

            Yes, you can add and customize (and sort) the results on any number of columns. To add more columns, please click on “Customize columns” button after running any screen.

            Hope that helps. Do let me know if you face any issues.

            Best regards,

          5. 1.I see “show all variables” but the problem is to browse the required variable there is no search nor do i know what is the variable name in a single snapshot. if u guys provide a detailed guide of glossary, we can search the variable there and browse the required category in this application to reach there….i hope u understand what i mean….
            2.also do u have a variable ”
            Traded Value (lacs) ” that is
            available on NSE to add to filter which helps to sort the scripts on highly liquid scripts within your scan result…
   what interval is this fundamental data updated/refreshed?
            4. when i scan i see some scripts are not listed on NSE. what exchange is covered for the script universe and can we restrict it to NSE?

          6. Hi Ashish,

            1. I got your point. We will add the search feature soon.

            2. We don’t have the volume data currently. We will try to include them in future.

            3. Fundamental data is updated on daily basis. The latest quarterly results are updated within 2 days usually but can take upto 7 days.

            4. Screener covers the stocks from BSE and NSE. You can’t restrict the search to only the stocks in NSE. We will think about adding this feature too in future.

            Thanks a lot for the feedback, it will help us in improving the Screener to make it more powerful.


          7. Thanks Pratyush for your support. Appreciate it! Can you let me know the tentative timelines to get the above features incorporated? Otherwise I have to keep on following up with you on regular interval to check if feature is available…. For point 1, you guys should have a PDF file created as a guide for all the glossary and its path to note under which subtree it is located.

          8. Hi Ashish,

            Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year.

            Since I am able to work on Screener only in my free time, i.e. mostly weekends or some odd evenings, I really can’t give some tentative timeline. However, I will try my best to add the variable filter feature by the month end.

            We didn’t provide a PDF file because the variable library is dynamic and keeps updating regularly (as users add their own ratios everyday). I am sure, the filter feature would solve it well.

            Thanks a lot for your appreciation and the feedback,

          9. Pratyush, Wish u happy new year as well…Here are my challenges…

            When I do the above scan , i get around 150 stocks… Before I invest, I need to check if they are in uptrend and I find many of them are in downtrend (below 50 week MA or 200 day MA)…But this has to be done by checking one by one….its painful….any help? Also, once I find the right stock manually after doing the above steps, I get disappointed to see it is highly illiquid….I want to see growth smallcap stocks….Hence, I asked to include total traded quantity as mentioned in point 2 of volume data so that we investors can easily sort the stocks basis volume…. im not sure how can we automate the uptrend part…..pls help

          10. Hi Ashish,

            In Price, we only have the current price data in Screener. We will try to include moving averages as we are able to include more price data.

            We also don’t have the volume data currently.

            Thanks a lot for the wishes.

          11. I would request you to include “Traded Value (lacs) ” that is
            available on NSE asap so that we investors dont get stuck up in illiquid stocks. Can u pls take it on fasttrack?

          12. I appreciate your efforts. Thanks Pratyush. Reply here once u release the feature so that i receive email alert.

          13. Hi Ashish,

            We have included the volumes data now, however it might take a little time to stabilize in the database (i.e. currently, it has only volume information for stocks traded in last 1 day):

            Example syntax to exclude illiquid stocks:
            volume > 10000

          14. What is your plan? To include average daily volume for last 7 days, etc? Also, I thought you are including “total traded value”
            similar to that available on NSE for every script. Volume for small stocks will be huge versus midcaps, large caps. Actually filtering on total traded value is more sensible because we can easily see how much money is committed to that stock.

          15. Hi Ashish,

            Initially we plan to include average volume of last 2 days. The total traded value can be easily calculated using it (in custom ratios): volume * Current price

          16. Thanks but seems the figures for total traded value does not match….i created custom ratio for icicibank whose CMP is 1171
            and Traded Volume (shares)11,85,414, giving total traded value as “1388119794” but on screener i see it calculated as 1681797145…There is a difference of Rs. -293677351 meaning difference of Rs. 29.36 lakhs…Pls resolve….

            The total traded value can be easily calculated using it (in custom ratios): volume * Current price

          17. Difference is because the actual trade volume is based on actual trade prices, while the closing price is the average of trades in last 15-30 minutes. The above formula will usually give a very good estimate of trade value with difference of mostly 1%+- at max.

  20. Hi Pratyush and team,

    I really want to heartily appreciate the work your team has done!. This is amazing work and I really mean it, This kind of flexible screener for fundamental investors in India, I have never seen. Congratulations!. On a long term basis, you can even plan for collecting subscription!, I am sure many including me would be willing to give.

    Some suggestions or questions below.

    a) For eg. I dont know how to filter like no loss in the last 10 years
    b)For eg. I would like to add net profit for the last 5 years
    c) how to pick particular variable for a year. can we pick say EPS for year 2006

    d) how do we select consolidated numbers, for eg. consolidated currrent assets, I assume by default it will pick standalone numbers .

    Thank you!

    1. Hi GB,

      Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year.

      a) Currently there is no variable for this. We will try to add a boolean variable for it in future.

      b and c) At core, we tried to restrict static historical variables to minimum. We believe that Profit of 4 years back would be needed in addition to some other variable too, i.e. form of some ratio. Thus we focus on adding new dynamic ratios. Do let me know the use case or the ratio you would like for the purpose, and we would try to add it.

      d) Screener scans both, the consolidated number as well as standalone numbers. By default it first searches for consolidated numbers. If consolidated numbers don’t satisfy the condition and standalone results satisfy it, then it shows the standalone in results and appends a “(S)” to the company’s name.

      Hope that helps.

      Thanks a lot for the appreciation and the feedback.


  21. I Pratyush, Your screener is showing S Kumar Nationwide Return On Equity as 27% but it earned 470 crore in March 2012 on net worth of around 3,000 crores… so ROE comes to 15% around… Even if we take TTM profit , that is even less than 470 crores…. How your screener is calculating ROE of 27%…. Pls help… I will appreciate your reply.

  22. Hi screener team…
    Wonderful application you have created and thanks to you guys all investors can make good watch-lists and buy the lovely companies on dips.
    I have been using screener for 3 months now. and as the algorithms gets more complete I have run into some road blocks. Please help me out.

    1)How do you recommend I should include EPS growth?
    (I have been using ROE, but is it adjusted for splits and bonuses when comparing YoY?)

    2)Can I measure average CAGR ROE growth for 3yr,5yr?

    3)What exactly does “preceding year” signify?

    4)Can we see average ROIC for 3yr,5yr etc?

    5)What about sector ROIC/ROE/ROCE?

    6)Can we get 3yr,5yr averages on NPM and OPM?

    7)How can we measure change in promoter holdings qoq?

    8)Can I filter the nature of promoters? (foreign/domestic)

    I can really feel the passion you put into screener and once again I thank you for all your help. Cheers!!

    1. Hi Ciri,

      A big thanks for the appreciation.

      1. ROE is adjusted for splits and bonuses. Now we do have sufficient data to provide historical PE and EPS too. We would try to add them in database soon.

      2. There is a variable of CAGR ROE growth of 5 years: Return on equity 5years growth

      [Though the increase in ROE is not equal to EPS growth. A company having a stable ROE, even after increasing profits, is a great company. With increase in EPS, the ROE might remain same (or even decrease).]

      3. Last year = Most recent audited annual results. Preceding year is the year before that.

      4. In Screener, ROIC is same as Return on Capital Employed. Thus you can use: Average return on capital employed 5Years

      5. Return ratios are not available for industries currently. We do have plans to include some powerful industry ratios in future.

      6. For OPM, we have weighted average margin of last 4 quarterly results: OPM

      We will try to include average OPM and NPM for longer periods.

      7. There are two variables available for change in promoter holding:
      Change in promoter holding
      Change in promoter holding 3Years

      8. We don’t have sufficient data about promoter details currently.

      Thanks a lot for the feedback :).


      1. Thank you for the quick response….my path is clear now.
        Time to rethink old algorithms.
        Meanwhile I will be waiting for “some powerful industry ratios” and “historical PE,EPS”. πŸ˜‰
        and hey when I said 3yr ROIC, I meant 3yr CROIC in screener, please add it soon

  23. Absolutely brilliant work guys!!..this is so helpful for fishing out desired stocks.

    One thing : I don’t find ‘Cash and short term investments’ in Balance sheet option.Could you please look into that.

    Thanks a ton!!

    1. Hi,

      You can the ratio of “Cash end of last year” in quick ratios. For investments, you might also like “Investments” or “Market value of quoted investments”. Please let me know if you have trouble in adding them.

      Thanks a lot for the appreciation πŸ™‚


  24. hai,can someone tell me one SCREENER here on this wonderfull wesite which can scan best short term stock pick,i want to Enter & Exit in 2 months,i appreciate genuine reply

    1. Hi Santosh,

      I don’t think there can be a good screen for that, as the markets are often irrational for long periods of time.

      Thanks for checking out the Screener,

  25. Hi

    This is a lovely application. I would like to separate stocks into sectors. Is there a query or filter I can use i.e. for example how to understand stocks in a sector like Pharma

        1. Has there been any change? Has there been any updates such that I can create watchlists for different sectors?

          1. Pratyush, I think there should be one more column “Sectors” in “Customize columns” this will solve it.

          2. You can create a screen for different industries by the Industry PE variable. But this number changes, so it will have to be updated.

  26. As both an individual investor and a technology person, I can tell this tool has been developed very elegantly with the needs of the user in mind.
    Hats off to the screener team!

    Additional features targeting long term investors would be much appreciated.

  27. Hi, It is an awesome tool created by you guys for interested fundamental investors. Thanks for all your effort.

  28. Hi, is there a field for ‘sector’ of the company? On individual company page you do show ‘companies in same business’, so I am guessing you have this field. It would be helpful when I want to concentrate my research only on particular sector(s).

    1. Hi Mukesh,

      You can’t run the screen on particular sector currently. We will integrate that option soon.

      However, you can still see all the companies in particular sector using the “Full search” on the top bar. Type the industry name and select full search from the dropdown option (last option).

      Eg, for Pharmaceutical companies:

      1. Thanks Pratyush. Looking forward to the variable on sector.

        Thanks for the tip on how to see company of a particular sector. Is there a way I can get to know the full list of sectors, too?

        Btw, your product is truly great. It must be great pleasure working on it. Where are you guys based? If in Bangalore, I would like to meet up and see if I can contribute somehow.

        1. Hi Mukesh,

          No, there is no way to get the full list of sectors currently.

          We are based out of Lucknow. However, contributing shouldn’t be difficult now with the tools available (Git). I am working on another new small project, will send you an email about the details. See if you can contribute to it somehow.

          Thanks again for the appreciation.

  29. I want to compare latest quarters eps with the eps of same quarter of last year. How can I do it?

  30. Screener is fantastic hats off to you guys.
    I am wondering if there is any way to query stocks that are within 10% of 5 year lows.

    1. Thanks a lot for the appreciation.

      No, currently there is no way to find the stocks near their 5 year low. We will try to include it soon.

  31. Is it possible to create the following variables

    Free cash flow to equity [FCFE]

    Free cash flow to firm [FCFF]

    FCFE last 3 or 5 years and FCFF last 3 or 5 years

    1. Hi Vivek,

      We don’t have the ratios for FCF currently as we don’t have the numbers for “Capital Expenditure”. As the next best substitute, one can use:

      Operating cash flow 3years + Investing cash flow 3years for free cash flows
      Do let me know if you have any other queries.


  32. This is by far the best screener developed for the indian markets and that too in Web 2.0 with AJAX type functionality…it’s just too good. Thanks a lot for this. The only thing i can ask for is that let us create more than 1 watchlist and allow us to create portfolios.

    1. Thanks a lot Kunal for the appreciation and the feedback.

      We are actively working on a multiple watchlists module and hope to introduce it soon.


  33. What is the way to project Net Profit forward, based on the last reported year profit and last 5 yrs profit growth ? What will be the code to project for next 1,2 and 5 years through compounded growth ? Thanks.

    1. Hi Alok,

      For future projections, we have added a quite exhaustive “Export to Excel” feature. For any company, click on the “Export to Excel” button and you will get a proper excel sheet with all the formulas for future projects built-in (i.e with a best case and worst case scenario).

      Hope that helps. Do let me know if you have any other queries.


  34. Dear Ayush, could you tell us as to what exactly the “show only the latest results” does….the results of a screen differ when the option is checked

    1. By checking “Show only latest results”, only those results are shown where the last quarter results have been declared (i.e. where quarter ending March 2013 results have been declared in current case).

      Hope that helps,

    1. Hi Foster,

      No, currently we don’t provide the option to export the results, though we will be adding it soon.

      Best regards,

  35. Hello Ayush,

    Is there any way to get the preferred stocks and bonds a company has invested into the customized stock screens?

    1. Hi Dev,

      We have the variables for “Investments”, “Market value of quoted investments” and “Book value of unquoted investments”

  36. Hi Pratyush,

    Great job! (Not enough words…. amazing!)

    What is the difference between OPM, OPM last year and OPM preceding year?
    (There is no NPM available, only NPM last year and NPM preceding year are available.)


    1. Hi,

      Thanks a lot for the appreciation.

      OPM is weighted average (based on sales) of last 4 quaters, OPM last year is the OPM as per last audited annual results and OPM preceding year is the OPM for the year before last audited year.

      We didn’t add NPM for last 4 quarters as a simple average could have been ambiguous (due to many one time items in various quarters). Any workarounds?


      1. i rather agree with your logic. one simple work-around could be to adjust the exceptional items (if you have that line item separately).
        Also let it be a weighted NPM and not a simple avg NPM (i.e. similar to OPM).
        it will show a trend and further investigation as required can be done. Other one-time items could impact even the other NPM ratios – with or without a disclaimer πŸ™‚

  37. Hey. Awesome site.

    I’ve got one suggestion – A filter mechanism that can tell me whether a certain parameter has been strictly increasing/decreasing over the years. Like whether Operating profit over the past 7 years has been increasing, for example πŸ™‚

  38. Hi, when i click “show all variables”, nothing comes up… is there any problem or am i missing something?…

    1. I tried it at my end and it seems to be working fine (the list of all the variables show up in tabs). Can you please give it a retry after pressing Ctrl + F5 (it clears the old browser cache).

      Do let me know if it still doesn’t work.


  39. Hi,

    First of all, this is an AWESOME website… I use it first to check out whether a company is having a profile that I’m interested in…

    One question: You have a lot of quick ratios which can be added into our company info page. However, is there a link where I can see ALL the quick ratios that you support? Also, is there a one-liner info on what that particular ratio stands for? It’d help me a lot in understanding the relevance of each quick ratio….

    Keep it up! πŸ™‚


    1. Hi Bharat,

      Thanks a lot for the appreciation and the feedback.

      Yes, you can see all the ratios available on by clicking on “Show all variables”

      As soon as you will select any ratio from the list, it will show a brief description about it in the right.

      We will soon try to include the similar thing near quick ratios field too.


      1. Hi Pratyush,

        It seems above web link does have empty page.
        Would you please post updated link of all the ratios available on

      2. Hi Pratyush,
        Your site is really helpful.
        Please Help with a question.
        There is no link called “Show All Variables” in the screen called
        There is a button on the page where I am currently typing (above the blog questions), with lable called “Show All Variables”. But, clicking that shows a blank page.
        And, what variable do we use to set the “DAILY VOLUME”?
        I think the variable called “volume” is not for DAILY VOLUME.
        Kindly Help, Pratyush.

    1. To update an existing screen with new conditions, you just need to create a new screen with the same name and it will update the previous one.

  40. i am having a problem with this screener… it shows error for the following set of variables ..

    Market Capitalization > 300 AND

    Average return on capital employed 5Years > 20 AND

    Average return on equity 5Years 20 AND

    Return on assets 5years > 20 AND

    Earnings yield > 20

    1. Hi Billy, I guess it shows the error because of the typo in the third line:

      “Average return on equity 5Years 20 AND” should be

      “Average return on equity 5Years > 20 AND”

      Do let me know if it still gives the error.

  41. How to calculate ????????????????

    Net Net Working Capital = Cash and short-term investments + (0.75 * accounts receivable) + (0.5 * inventory) – total liabilities

  42. Hello,
    Firstly Many Congratu;ations on this wonderful site. Truly amazing. I wanted to download my screener in Excel. I just built one by the name of 52 Week High Screener. I could not see any tab for downloading this to excel. Can this be done. If yes, do let me know pls.

    1. Hi Ronak,

      The export feature for screens is currently under development. Hopefully we will provide that feature soon.

      Thanks a lot for the appreciation and the feedback,


  43. Hi,

    Just wanted to suggest a minor feature… It would be really helpful if you could include information about when the last informational update was done for a company. It helps us to understand how current the information presented about the company is.

    1. Hi Bharat,

      The information is updated for all the companies on daily basis.

      Primarily, the financials (quarterly and annual) are updated as soon as new results are available. The Pros and Cons are presented and computed on an extensive algorithm, and thus are always upto date. So are all the ratios recomputed on the closing price of the stock, and again upto date on daily basis.

      Hope that solves it.

      1. Wow, daily updates! I understood of course that CMP etc are updated daily,

        But that even quarterly results (when published) are updated automatically into your stock profile by the end of that very day is “Seriously amazing !” πŸ™‚

  44. Hi,

    One more feature I’d love to see is the ability to sort the screened stocks by more than one parameter within the stock screening query (for example, “sort by ROE Descending then by MarketCap Descending”), somewhat like an SQL query. Reason is that if I sort the results by clicking on the columnar view, then I am either able to sort by ROE, or by Market cap, but not by both.

    1. Thinking about multiple sort parameters, I have usually used it only in places where much of the data in a column is similar. Example a data with a column of dates. In this case, we often need to sort data on dates, and then further sort on some another parameter (where the dates are same).

      In Screener, we couldn’t find it of much use. Since all the numbers are second place decimals, it is rare that many companies have exact same values (eg, many companies have exact same ROE). For this reason we skipped multiple sorting as it would need much more processing overhead and add user complexity.

      Please let me know if I am missing something.

      1. Hi Pratyush,

        Wow, that was a fast reply!

        The reason I’m asking for multiple sort is to be able to

        1. Short-list a list of companies that suit my parameters (e.g. See my screener “Discount sale small to large cap”. Now, once I have shortlist these companies, I want to sort them by ROE%… When I do this, I find that some companies with extremely small market cap are having the best ROE. I’m fine with this, but I’d be very happy if I could sort on multiple columns (ROE Descending AND MarketCap Descending), so that I can quickly see which companies of Large Cap are having the best ROE etc)….

        As far as I can see, this would be best done with a query modifier which allows me to sort the results on multiple conditions, so that I can even sort by 5-10 conditions.

        Hope you can support this! πŸ™‚

  45. How do I make formula for these

    5 Yr Avg EPS growth > 25%


    annual earnings per share > preceding year x 1.25
    annual earnings preceding year > year earlier x 1.25
    annual earnings year earlier > year before that x 1.25


    annual return on equity > annual return on equity preceding year X 1.17.

    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance.

      1. Hi Sai,

        Sorry for the delay. We had been updating the backend of the website which broke a few things and thus it took a little time.

        We don’t have EPS data currently. It requires an adjusted EPS record for all the corporate actions eg. bonus and splits. As we don’t have this historical record, we are unable to calculate adjusted EPS and consequently EPS growth rate. As the next best alternative, you can use the net profit growth rate and make manual adjustments for dilutions.

        For other queries you can use something like:

        Net Profit last year > 1.25 * Net Profit preceding year


        Return on equity > 1.17 * Return on equity preceding year

        Hope that helps,

  46. Hi Pratyush,

    I had created a custom ratio quite some time back called FCFPerShare which was taking the value “Operating cash flow 3years + Investing cash flow 3years for free cash flows” as suggested by you in an earlier post.

    However, I mistakenly named it as FCFPerShare instead of FCF. Now I find that I’m not able to rename it at all. Could you let me know how I can do this? If I cannot do it, could you kindly rename it and update all the references to it?
    I think quite a few people are now using this ratio, and I don’t want their screening to be thrown off by this error in naming.

    Also, would it be possible to actually have a real FCF per share instead of an approximation? That would be really nice.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Bharat,

      Screener is currently not efficient enough to find all the references of any ratio. This is the reason we aren’t able to provide the option to rename or delete ratios.

      What you can do is create another new ratio.

      We still don’t have the exact figures of amounts capitalized by a company and thus cant provide a real FCF per share. The earlier ratio should continue to be the best substitute.

      Best regards,

      1. Hi Pratyush,

        I got a mail from SafalNiveshak today wherein he mentions using screener to generate stock ideas,. He references my custom ratio in this, and says that FCFPerShare/StockPrice will let you know if the share is cheap or expensive. Now, this means that some people are also using this custom ratio. How can the mistake in naming be rectified for these people? Any ideas on this?

        1. While upgrading the new version of Screener, we enabled moderation for user crated ratios. Thus only the approved user ratios are visible to everyone. FCFPershare variable is not available to others.

  47. Please make available email alert for price greater than and less than our alert price. For example we want to buy TCS at less than 1000 and create email alert for TCS < 1000. Can we do it under present conditions?

    1. Hi Abrar, we did have this option in the earlier version of . Over a term of an year, we found it of little use as it was pretty complicated to set an alert for each individual stock.

      We have been thinking of adding a better feed integration in the user dashboard to automatically show major price movements. Due to paucuity of time, I haven’t been able to work on it, but do hope to work on it soon.

      Thanks for the feedback,

  48. Hi Pratyush.

    The more and more I use this wonderful tool, the more and more I learn newer benefits πŸ™‚ Thank you once again.

    How do I screen for companies in a particular industry? and where do I find a complete list of all industries?

    1. Hi Conservative Inv, thanks for the appreciation. We are glad that has been beneficial.

      To see all the stocks in any particular industry, you can enter the industry name in the top search bar and select “full search” option.

      Currently there is no option to see all the available industries. We are working on a better interface to provide the industry search options.

      Thanks for the feedback,

      1. Thanks for your immediate response, Pratyush. Much appreciate.

        Seems like the ‘full search’ option gives a max of 100 results. It was still useful.

        Eagerly look forward to the improvements; already this is is the best tool… so it will be better than the best πŸ™‚

  49. Hi Pratyush,

    When looking at specific screens, there are several instances of companies that we would like to exclude, but which still turn up in the screen because they meet the criteria (eg, Geodesic). In future, could you evaluate possibility of excluding specified companies from particular and/or all screens. Thanks.

    1. Hi, this is something we have often discussed about internally. A very easy implementation is to have a manually maintained editor’s list of negative companies.

      The issue would be of classification. There are only few cases where there are sufficient evidences and litigation, such as Geodesic. There there are several others which can be easily classified as hollow companies, but cannot be proved.

      The reason we avoided the above classification was because in most of these cases the markets itself are efficient enough to punish them by extreme valuations.

      Can you think of some better solution?

      P.S. In the mean time, we certainly wish to make the Pros/Cons detection system more stronger to help in alerting and catching such cases earlier.

      1. I was actually looking for user specific filtering. Geodesic was an extreme example, but lets say I have looked at a company and it is outside my circle of competence so I would like that the company not appear in some/all of the screens that I see – is that possible? Its something like my negative list (on the other hand, a positive list would be the watchlist).

        The reasons for the scrip going in the avoid filter may not always be negative in itself (eg, I may just move a scrip to watchlist and then I do not want to see it in any of the filters as I have already identified the scrip as investment worthy)

        1. It is a good idea to have a user level option of black-listing certain companies and sectors. Will think over how it can be worked out. Added to the ideas list πŸ™‚

  50. Hi, can you please also add information of category of stock like “A”, “B”, “T”, “Z” etc. Will be really useful.


  51. HI,I want ronw(return on networth) for last 3-5 years for each company., please help to code the same.thanks

    1. Hi Harry,

      We have provided these variables in screener which are same as return on net worth:

      Return on equity

      Return on equity preceding year

      Average return on equity 5Years / 7Years / 10Years

      Hope that helps,

  52. HI..
    I ran “YOY Quarterly profit growth > 30” and got list of shares. I want to know the actual number of the shares as per this criteria.. pls help me how to find that…

    1. Hi Joyeeta,

      The total number of companies matching any criteria is shown on top (in this case “1197 Results found”). To filter only the latest results, you can tick the checkbox called “Show only latest results?”.

      Hope that helps.

    1. Yeah, we currently we don’t have the free float market capitalization variable due to insufficient data.

      We do plan to add it in future,

  53. hi!
    I wanted to put a condition that the debt should not be more than 100 crores. Am unable to do that. Plz help

    1. Hi! haven’t heard from you.
      Just need to know how to put a numeric figure for companies above a particular market cap or sales.

      1. Sorry Vivek for the delay.

        You can filter companies based on market capitalization using a query like this:

        Market Capitalization > 50 AND
        Sales > 100


        1. Thanks for the prompt reply but am unable to run the screen. I’m copying here for you to point the mistake.

          debt = 0 AND
          Market Cap to Sales 50 AND
          sales > 50

          The numeric is Crore (I suppose)

          1. Hi Vivek, the queries are syntax and case sensitive. The correct query will be:

            Debt to equity < 0.1 AND
            Market Cap to Sales 50 AND
            Sales > 50

            Let me know if it does not work.

          2. Thanks Pratyush..
            It worked.
            I’m amazed at how you people manage to be so prompt. Great going. Thanks again.

  54. What does d by e < 0.5 mean? I mean am seeing this kind of expression first time and not able to understand what is d and what is e

    1. Hi Tahseen,

      “d by e” is an old user created ratio and probably stands for debt by equity. We are in process of filtering out old and unused user ratios and will remove it soon.


      1. Can we have a flag for “Company paying dividend” and “Company not paying dividend” so that this can be used to filter out companies

  55. Can someone help me creating (Market Cap to Annul Net Profit > 1) formula on custom screen. Much thanks πŸ™‚

  56. Pratyush,
    This has become my permanent screener site for finding great bargains. Words cannot express my gratitude to you folks for providing such a great tool which will beat even the paid sites hands down.
    I find that some good stocks are missed sometimes because a particular field has no value. For example, let us say I am using average profit growth for 5 years > 10 then if for a particular company it has a null value it gets missed. How can we change the query to consider even null values? Is there any nvl (used in sql) kind of function to replace null values with a default?

    1. Hello Ravi,

      Thanks a lot for the kind words of appreciation.

      You can try the IFNULL function for that, something like:

      IFNULL(Sales growth 5Years , 20) > 20%

      Hope that helps,

    1. Hello Samatha,

      Sorry but screener doesn’t allow to delete the custom ratios.

      It is possible that your created ratios might have been used in some screen or used in the formula of another ratio, or might have been used by another user (if made public). Screener isn’t efficient enough currently to figure out these combinations and thus the delete feature is not available.

      In future, we do plan to add this feature though.

  57. This is an awesome site. Kudos to the team that maintains this site. Please don’t ever shut the site down!

  58. Hi Pratyush,
    Firstly great platform for screening stocks. Simplified and relevant format and highly flexible. Thankyou for it. Now going ahead, I wanted to find free cash flow for a company. A ratio exists saying price to free cash flow. Is it appropriate for making further calculations for finding free cash flow etc.

    1. Hello Ankush,

      Thanks for the kind words of appreciation.

      Currently we don’t have the details of actual capital expenditure. Thus an accurate calculation of free cashflows is not possible. But you can use a near proximate of something like: Operating cash flow 3years – Investing cash flow 3years

      Hope that helps,

  59. hi Pratush.. good morning.. need again your help.. can we create 3years dividend growth ratio.. or compounded dividend growth for 3 years as in screener..

    Thanks for your help in advance.. Waiting for your reply

    1. Hello Joyeeta,

      Currently screener does not have variable for dividend 3 years back. We have a variable for “Average dividend payout 3years” and it might be used to reverse calculate the old dividend.

      Hope that helps,

  60. how come this is possible? >>>>> Promoter holding = 100 is showing promoter holding of 100% for financial technologies and many other companies. Why is that and how it can be possible

  61. Debt to Equity should be total debt % total equity share capital. So for Sundaram finance why you putting debt to equity ratio 4.18. But its tota debt (secured + unsecured) is 10926. and its equity is 111. So ratio should be 98? please explain

  62. Dear Friend,

    I really thank you for this wonderful site.Could you help me how to filter values in between.. e.g, peg ratio 1~ 1.5 , pe ratio between 5 – 10 etc…


  63. Hi, Can you share with me how can I check the return on invested capital over a period of 10 years or at least 5 years.

  64. Sometime I see incorrect Book Value of Stocks on Screener. Screener shows let say Rs 170 as book value and on moneycontrol I find it 80 or like that.

    1. Screener calculates the book values after including the latest quarterly results. This might be a reason for the difference from other websites.

      1. Hi Pratyush,
        First of all thank you for coming out with a wonderful site like
        Please clarify why there is difference in the Sales Value of Corporation Bank which is wrongly mentioned in your site for the Year 2012 and below .I Checked the same @ BSE and Moneycontrol which is identical.
        Awaiting a reply


        1. Hi Adiga,

          The differences are because of the classification between other income and normal income.

          Thanks for pointing it out. We will try to correct it over sometime.


  65. i am new here i want to know that if spot price of stock is 50 rs and the book value is 100rs …then is it means that stock have to reach 100 rs

    1. No. It only means that the price of stock is at discount to its book value. There can be several reasons for that including the inefficient performance of the company’s assets, fictitious book value, revaluations, intangibles and others.

  66. Hi Team,

    How do we add estimated EPS value in the page, i tried but could not succeed
    Please help me

    1. Hi Venkat,

      You can use the variable: Expected quarterly EPS

      I would like to caution, however, that it is based on statistical calculations and can be wrong.

      Hope that helps,

  67. How can I know the formula you have used for any existing ratio…..for example say for “EARNING POWER” ?

  68. How do I select an industry say cement? I want all cement companies with a p/e of 5 or less for example.

    1. Hi Prasad, it is currently possible to export data for any particular company only.

      We are working on the feature to export screen results too.

    1. Historical PE shows the PE ratio of the company X Years back.

      Thus Historical PE 3Years Back will give Market Capitalization of the company 3 years back / Net profits of the company 3 years back.

  69. Hi @pratyushmittal:disqus,

    The above tutorial seem to be outdated as I can’t find the β€œShow all variables” button to get the list of all variables as shown above. Also, how would you picks stocks which performed well during last major bear runs, I guess this screen should be something users would definitely like listed on screener to pick super-quality market-crash proof stocks.


    1. Hi Rohit,

      The option to “Show all variables” is still available (I have attached a screenshot).

      Screener provides the variables for Historical PE 3Years / 5Years / 7 Years. You might like to use them to filter stocks which have maintained a similar level of price to earnings historically, something like:

      Historical PE 3Years > .75 * Price to Earning AND
      Historical PE 3Years .75 * Price to Earning AND
      Historical PE 5Years 15%

      1. My bad, from the screenshot shared above it looked like the “Show all variables” should be on top-right side of the screen.

  70. In stock Screen when I put inputs like eps growth for the last 5years;average ROE for last 5 years >20%;Debt to equity ratio 2’PEG round(current_price, 2) AND and or round(debt_to_equity, 2) <2 AND a
    How to sort it out? Please help

    1. Hi Rohit,

      You need to separate multiple conditions using AND or OR. Correct query in your case will be:

      eps growth for the last 5years > 20% AND
      average ROE for last 5 years > 20% AND
      to equity ratio 2 AND
      PEG <1.5

      Hope that helps,

  71. Hi Friends.

    I am new to the fundamental analysis. i understand only profit & loss. Need to understand the terminology used for fundamental analysis.

    What is P/E, EPS, Book Value, CMP / BV and how they impact the prices in the market ?

    Plz suggest me books or website or blog from which i can understand fundamental analysis.

    Thanks in Advance to all.

  72. Hi,

    How to find the stocks, if the current assets is great than total liabilities

    1. Hi Saritha,

      Screener automatically calculates and shows multiple growth ratios (on CAGR basis) just below the profit and loss section on company pages.

      Hope that helps,

  73. Hi Pratyush,

    Kudus to you and your team for great hard work. is my all time favorite.

    I used to spend all the time in this site for my analysis and decision.

    I just curious to know about the data. how the real time data is getting feed here(like it is coming from google/yahoo finance.) I just wanted to know the realistic of the data.


    1. Hi Siva,

      Thanks a lot for the appreciation.

      The data is sourced from multiple sources including exchange websites. We are pretty confident about the accuracy of data. There can be, however, still few errors. Do let me know if you come across any discrepancy and I will fix it asap.


    1. Hi Vinay,

      There is an option to bulk add the names on the watchlist page. That should make it easy to add individual names.

      Hope that helps,

      1. Hey Pratyush,

        Thanks….I think this will help me….by the way this is a good tool you guys have developed…..Thanks,


  74. What variables to use for cash and cash equivalent from balance sheet -current assets and current investments from balance sheet – current assets and short term borrowings from balance sheet – current liabilities?

    1. Hi Pankaj, you can use following variables:

      For cash and equivalents: Cash end of last year
      current assets: Current assets
      Investments (we don’t have bifurcation into current and non-current): Investments

      We also don’t have bifurcation for borrowings into current and non-current.

      Hope that helps,

      1. Sorry to say but it looks like the above solution is also not working. I saw “BNR Udyog Ltd.” was coming when used “Net Profit latest quarter > Net Profit preceding quarter * 1.05 AND”. I used with sales also. Its Qtr sales var % is -44.32%. and Qtr Profit Var % is -41.94.

        1. Hi Satya, BNR Udyog satisfies the condition as the latest quarter profits are 18 lacs while the preceding quarter profits were 10 lacs.

          For YoY growth, you can use something like:

          Net Profit latest quarter > Net Profit preceding year quarter * 1.05

    1. Sorry Nasir, both of the above are currently not available in screener.

      1. On processing more than 100 results, the processor gets overloaded due to the complex processing involved. Since we are on a shared hosting, we have limited resources.

      2. Filtering, or rather soring is easily implementable and I will try to incorporate it soon.

      Hope that helps,

        1. Hi Nasir, I haven’t been able to spend much time on Screener development recently.

          We plan to make some substantial backend changes over the next few months. I have been avoiding major frontend changes so that we have fewer moving items and a more stable system after the upgrade.

          I am very sorry, but the above two changes can take a little longer.


          1. Hi Pratyush, thanks for your quick response. Limitation of 100 in search is a major roadblock for me. Sorting here would help.

            Alternatively, if we could filter by industry in the screeners, that would be a solution too.
            If industry were to be put as a field, we may be able to filter in the screener query itself (like Industry = Chemicals).

            Please do what is possible. Thanks.

    1. Hi Satya, ‘Intrinsic Value’ is an old user-created formula included from the previous version of Screener. We were then unable to moderate user-created ratios.

      We will clean out the old user created ratios, including intrinsic value, soon.

      1. Thank you for the reply. Is it anything that all user created ratios are going to get deleted! Is there any other variable for this? Still how to see formula for other variable?

        1. No no, the user created ratios WON’T be deleted, but restricted to the user who created that. In other words, the user created ratios made available for everyone will be moderated for accuracy before they can be used by anyone.

  75. Hi, Please share with us what PE (normal or Forward PE) is used for calculating PEG ratio? Also, how do you calculate growth rate for calculating PEG ratio? Thank you very much.

    1. No Satya, there is no option to screen by industry currently. The search option, at the top, however, has an option of “Full search.” Typing an industry name and then using full search will show all the companies in that industry.

  76. Hi.. Can you please clarify what Expected quarterly profit variable that an estimation for the upcoming quarter or estimated quarterly profit for the quarter for which results declared recently…

    Any way…I appreciate your good work…I find this site very useful…keep going

    1. Hi ASR, thanks for the appreciation.

      Expected quarterly profit is an experimental variable. It calculates the expected profits for the next quarter based on historical trends and patterns. I won’t recommend to rely upon it.

    1. Hi Vijayalakshmi, currently it is not possible to list out companies listed only on BSE.

      As a stat, however, there are only 13 companies which are listed on NSE but not on BSE.

  77. Few comparative ratios are useful in Peer Comparison list but not in list came in Stock Screen. So, I think, both list column customization should be different. Example: P/S, P/E, etc. are good to watch in Peer comparison list but not when diverse set of stocks you got in screener after search.

  78. Is there any variable available for fetching the information on price before a week, 2 weeks, a month & 3 months?

    1. Sorry Senthilraj, currently we have the price variables of only 52 week low and high. In future we might add variables for market cap 3/5/7/10 years back, but we don’t plan to add daily, weekly or monthly price variables anytime soon.

      Hope that helps,

  79. I have this

    Sales growth 3Years > 10 AND
    Profit growth 3Years > 10 AND
    Sales growth > 10

    with others. One company it filtered is – AVT Natural Products. I see sales is increasing but not profit (which profit it takes. I checked Op profit, Net profit and profit before tax). So, is this filter working. I want to find 10% or more growth in companies. There is not EPS growth rate over x years variable.

    1. In case of AVT Natural, the profits have grown by much over 10% over last 3 years:

      Net profit in 2011: 10.81 crores
      Net profit in 2014: 51.03 crores.

      Hope that helps,

      1. Yes, it has helped a lot. I was thinking this returns 10% growth in three consecutive years and not from 1 and 3rd. I mean 10% gain in 2012 over 2011, 10% growth in 2013 over 2012 and like.

        Is there a way to get growth rate in consecutive year over year for few years back?

    1. Hi Skt, the screen results cannot be downloaded currently. A good alternative way to keep track of screener results is to use email alerts.

      Hope that helps,

  80. sir
    whenever i enter name of any stock.on the screen can it be reflected that this stock is presently reflecting in any of 5 famous screens like magic formula or growth stock.

    1. Hi Tahir,

      The results of the screens are not saved or pre-calculated. Each time a screen is run, the companies are fetched on the spot by filtering all the companies matching the criteria. This is the reason that reverse search for screens containing particular company is not possible.

      Hope that helps,

  81. Is it possible to list stocks with PE “between” 15 and 25, EPS Growth “between” 10 and 20% AND ROE > 15%?

  82. Hello all, How can I create a screener for companies which are quoting CMP less than its All time / Life time high by say 80% . For eg. Life time high is 100 and cmp is 20 ? Pls. guide.

    1. Mr. Pratyush, with many other similar screener providing sites, All /Life Time High/Low prices are not available, therefore it seems less important/significant/relevant for screening. But then ‘How To’ sort “Melted Down” stocks over 8 year FII investment cycles?

  83. Kindly tell me how to set & ‘delete’ either screener or ratio using Exponential moving averages and / or any other moving averages SMA, DMA etc?

  84. This is one the best stock screener website for Indian market. in fact the work done is so good if it is made global it would be money spinner on its on right

    1. Hi Satya, currently it is not possible to select the peer companies manually. As an alternative, you can add the comparing stocks to the watchlist.

      Hope that helps,

  85. Hello

    I had 2 questions:

    1. What is the exact forumula used to calculate NCAVPS?
    2. Does Current Liabilities the same as Total Liablities?

    1. Hi Vineet,

      1. NCAVPS is an old user created formula and I am not sure about how it is computed.

      2. Current liabilities is different from Total Liabilities, it does not include the borrowings.

      Hope that helps,

      1. Thanks Pratyush. I am hoping to find more information on NCAVPS because it differs significantly from Graham number

  86. For Meghmani Organics Ltd., OPM% is 16.53 but EV/EBIT I calculated is 0.11. I just added the ratio thinking both are different but actually both are same. So, difference should not be there. Same problem in BASF India. OPM% 4.97 but EV/EBIT = 0.03.

  87. Hi Pratyush,

    To begin with, let me congratulate you on a wonderful product that should make investors’ life much much easier. I just got introduced to this site and it looks very promising indeed. The kind of features you have introduced are exactly what we as investors look out for.

    I just have a few quick questions before I begin exploring all that I can do here.
    I dont mean to question the quality of your work at all, but I hope you understand I am just trying to make sure I am investing my money with the right analysis and data.

    Do you run any accuracy checks on your data? How certain can one be that the data is accurate here? should one cross check it from some other source? Is this manually entered or have you automated/subscribed to a paid service (in which case it should be fairly accurate). Or is it the case that you get it directly from the exchange.
    I am sorry for asking such basic questions, and Im not sure if people might have asked these earlier as well, but I just want to get all my doubts reg the data accuracy cleared before I start making investment decisions based on this.

    Once again, congratulations on an amazing product, and all the best for the future updates.

    Thanks for all you do

    1. Hi GT5,

      Thanks a lot for the appreciation.

      The data is processed from multiple sources including exchanges. We do run various accuracy checks followed by own computations for many of the ratios. We are pretty confident about the accuracy of the data. There might be errors, however, in some instances (we fix them as soon as someone reports them). Thus we always recommend cross checking the figures from the annual reports before any investment calls.

      Hope that helps,

  88. View = Consolidated or Standalone Result is not clear before Quarterly Result. This mark should be at the top itself. Switch should be very early so that people know about the ratios etc he is seeing is regarding consolidated or standalone.

  89. How can i create screener with below criteria ?

    Sock Selection criteria

    1. Since Last 5 Years ROCE (Return On Capital Employed) is always above 20% and Average ROCE is also above 20%

    2. Positive Cash Flow from Operations

    3. Operating profit margin is above 10%

    4. P/E Ratio is less then 12, so Earnings Yield is More then 8%

    5. P/BV is less then 3

    6. Debt/Equity ratio is ZERO (Debt Free Company)

    7. Pledge stock is ZERO

    1. Peers are shown based on the industry classification by BSE. Since the exchange classifies Jindal Poly as “commodity chemicals”, the peers are shown in same industry.

      We will try to improve upon it in future,

  90. Hi,

    Please help me with two questions:

    – I want to create a filter based on average growth of past 5 years. How do I create this variable please.
    – Where can I see explanation for some of the variables; G factor for example?

    Also, just a suggestion that some of the filters created by users are not correct. This can mislead other users. Maybe the screener should show a sign that the variable is a user defined variable.

    Nevertheless, I am hooked on to this site!


    1. Thanks Nitin for the feedback and suggestions.

      – Currently there is no variable for average growth. I will see if we can create it in future.

      – We try to provide detailed description on the core variables regarding how they are calculated. In case of G Factor, the parameters are often revised to give a score out of 10. It is a complex ratio based on multiple factors.

      – We are thinking about ways to do away with old user ratios which have been carried forward from the previous version. That should solve this issue.

      Hope that helps,

      1. Hmm! It must not be! PE should change everyday. Also, I have not seen this much difference for other stocks. I thought that screen is updating at the end of the day. So, I was expecting it can show me one day old data on this. If you show from June quarter then it will become useless. Already, various chart you show are 1-2 years old.

        1. PE is Market Cap / Net profits. You are right that PE should change everyday due to the change in market cap, the numerator. By June quarter I was referring to the denominator.

          Most other websites take the annual numbers for denominator. On screener we take the trailing 12 month numbers for denominator as they are more recent.

          I would recommend you to calculate the PE manually for HIL. It will help you get a better understanding of the ratio. Do let me know if you still feel that the calculation of Screener is wrong, it would help in debugging and reconciling.

  91. And price Earning ratio is calculated based on quarterly EPS…which is not Alok industries showing PE 4.5 in fact it’s PE 1.8

    1. Trailing PE is more accurate because it is a more explanatory about the recent developments.

      For previous year price to earnings ratio, a user can create a custom formula – something like: Market Capitalization / Average Earnings 5Year

      Hope that helps,

  92. Implement technical aspects so that it would be superb and add variable called increased promoter stake over last quarter.

  93. Hi,

    Can I export the filtered screen in either excel or text format? If there are any 3rd party tools avaliable please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

  94. I accidentally came across this site name in Twitter.. WOwwwwww,.. so nice.. Keep the good work.. I Just tried to create my first Custom Screener… but i could not end it successfully.. it shows syntax error.. I could not resolve.. it…

    I upload the screen shot for reference.. Please Some one guide.. in solving the issue.. Thanks

      1. OMG.. Thanks Pratyush..bro.. you were so quick.. Terrifically fast.. I just could not imagine.. i could get the query resolved in seconds.. As i am new to this site.. it took time for me.. find out the way.. i mean my reply.. Thanks again..

    1. Hi Manoj, screening in particular sector is currently not available in Screener.

      For adding custom columns, you can choose the button of customize columns.

      Hope that helps,

  95. Thank you for creating such a great website. A few things from my side. I found for some stocks are values are not updated .

    For example Cairn India In moneycontrol PE is 10.75 and price to book is 1.40 in moneycontrol. But it is very less in screener.

    Also please let me know what is the use of “Show only latest results?” checkbox

  96. Thank you for creating such a great website. A few things from my side. I found for some stocks are values are not updated .

    For example Cairn India In moneycontrol PE is 10.75 and price to book is 1.40 in moneycontrol. But it is very less in screener.

    Also please let me know what is the use of “Show only latest results?” checkbox

    1. Screener performs various additional steps while calculating the ratios, such as considering consolidated numbers and also considering TTM figures. This might be the reason for the difference in numbers.

      The “show only latest results” scans for only those companies who have declared the latest quarterly numbers (during current times for September quarter numbers). It is useful for setting email alerts.

      Hope that helps,

  97. Hi Pratyush have made life very easy to calculate most complex calculation to get intrinsic value within seconds for any nos of companies… I tried to get networth of preceding year by multiplying ROE Preceding Year and Net Profit Preceding Year but found little difference with actual networth impact my calculation in getting the changes in networth growth of a company on YOY basis… Is it possible for to kindly assist me in adding the variable to Equity Capital and Reserves for proceeding years in variable, i will be very greatful to you…Regards

    Awaiting anxiously … Regards Haider…

    1. Hi Sayed,

      We don’t provide variables for historical capital and reserve figures, since we have found them of little use in screening.

      Let me know of some use cases upon which we can consider about adding them.

      1. Hi Pratyush, Equity Capital and Reserves for preceding years will help me to calculate the Networth of preceding year by adding them… A comparison is needed to get the growth of change in Networth. It will help me to analyse the change in stock instrinsic value… Kindly assist me to add these two variable “Equity Capital and Reserves for preceding years” as it would be great help to me… I tried with ROE*NET Profit , but there is lot of difference occurs against actual Networth and it lead to unsatisfactory gaps in valuation comparison… Pls assist… Regards Haider

    1. A simple formula for cash conversion ratio can be something like:

      Cash from operations last year / Operating profit * 100

      The above will won’t be very practical, however, because cash flows should always be used in the formulas for a block of years rather than any individual year. So something like this should be better:

      Operating cash flow 5years / ( Average Earnings 5Year * 5 ) * 100

      In the above, we are considering net profits in the denominator, thus instead of benchmarking against a ratio of 60%, try to aim for more than 100%.

      Alternatively, you can add a row for cash conversion ratio in the excel export sheet.

      1. Very useful answer. Now TCS = 78.63. and many are above 100 as well. But what is 100 here you said to compare. Is it that when Operating Profit was used then 60% was good but when Net Profit is used then 100% would be similar to 60% as said in that article?

          1. I thought this could be good ratio and also you are involved in this so this should be correct. So, I thought to make this public. But I am not able to delete this and ratio with the same is not possibly get saved.

          2. The option to delete the ratios is not currently available in screener.

            We are not adding the new public ratios for all currently (though the option is shown to the user). It requires a lot of moderation and checking to add a new public ratio.


      2. I still created `(Cash from operations last year /Operating profit) * 100` based on livemint link for one year, I think this is what I was looking for! Cash from operations last year should be Operating Cash flow. Normally it is looking good but for few unknown companies it is very very high percentage. Very larger than 100%. So, not sure if this is right one.

        1. Cash flow ratios will always appear disproportionate and inconsistent when calculated for a single year. Taking a multiple years block is the right and reliable way.

          Hope that helps,

      3. I could get the value for 2-3 years for “Cash from operations last year / Operating profit * 100” then that would be better because 5 years looks very high in this changing world.

  98. Hi Pratyush, Equity Capital and Reserves for preceding years will help me to calculate the Networth of preceding year by adding them… A comparison is needed to get the growth of change in Networth. It will help me to analyse the change in stock instrinsic value… Kindly assist me to add these two variable “Equity Capital and Reserves for preceding years” as it would be great help to me… I tried with ROE*NET Profit , but there is lot of difference occurs against actual Networth and it lead to creating unsatisfactory gaps in valuation comparison… Pls assist… Regards Haider

    1. Hi Sayed,

      You can obtain the same number (and more reliably) by adding the net profits and subtracting the dividends. Earnings of last 5 and 10 years is provided in Screener.

      Hope that helps,

        1. With the Net profits – Dividends, you won’t get the net worth, but will get the change in net worth.

          Net worth is increased mostly due to retained earnings. Other factors which can contribute to change in net worth are revaluations, acquisitions, allotments etc – which won’t help you calculate the change in intrinsic value reliably since those factors won’t be consistent nor would they be part of normal operations of a company.

          1. I truly agree with you , but the best part of your site is that, it source the data from BSE and all other factors like (revaluations, acquisitions, allotments etc) is included in reserves (yearly Balance Sheet) as there is no separate column for rest of ingredient consisting Networth. I just need to add the equity capitals in Reserves of corresponding years. I will be greatful to you for adding these two variables of Equity capitals and Reserves for preceding years, enabling me to improve my calculation more precisely…If i am asking for some difficult task at your end then no issue…

          2. Hi Sayed,

            Adding new public ratios is a hard task because:

            1. It increases the complexity for users.
            2. Each new ratio increases the processing time as well as database size in a disproportionate ratio.

            For now I won’t be adding the historical reserves but will surely consider it in future.

            Hope that helps,

          3. percentage change in EPS qoq and yoy..!! CAn this be added in site..will be very useful to see in a single flash the change

  99. “Change in promoter holding > 0” When I use this and set email alert then I am receiving emails. I want to know in which time frame promoters has increased stake then email alerts generates? Is this comes true when Insider BUY trading occurs or just on promoters buy. I need clarity on this filter.

    1. No, it is not based on insider trades when they happen. The promoter holding data is as on the last quarterly result date and updated in screener with the quarterly results.

  100. hi
    I am trying to filter companies with following parameters
    market capitalisation >500
    market capitalisation 25%
    Return on capital >20%

    1. Hi Manoj, you need to use “AND” between the condition. Thus try something like this:

      Market Capitalization > 500 AND
      Market Capitalization .25 * Sales AND
      Return on capital employed > 20

  101. I see most of screener /Financial sites mention book value over years but does not. Recently I am listening more about it in my reading financial data correctly that it should increase with EPS or something (just not sure). In, this data is there but I am using this more these days and because of that I forgot that it is visible in yearly data. So, is there any specific reason not to mention this or you think this is really not useful or do you think I can drive approx book value from the annual data given on this site? — regards, Satya

    1. We just go through the first two lines of the balance sheet to see the changes in equity capital and reserves over a period of time. Together these two form the networth or book value.

      Getting book value per-calculated does not look like a good idea because that way we will be skipping over the primary purpose of why the book value is important.

  102. Do you think – “Other Operating Income” is important column in quarterly result! Please Check this –
    Quarterly result is inflated due to that. It can cheat people. Due to Other operating income, quarterly result is too good. Like Book Value, do we have another method to know this from current data on (For book value you told me to get from first two row of Balance Sheet.)

    1. Hi Satya,

      We currently don’t have the details of other operating income. Usually the companies classify **one time incomes** into other income instead of other operating income. Other operating income usually includes **recurring** items and charges.

      1. Bafna Pharma has “Other operating income” given in There it is big amount for Recent quarter. Your sales is combined data of this other income.

        1. very nice analysis..keep finding..will help investors ..i also think that site is little clumpsy though helpful

          1. Yes, it is very helpful and easy to use. Few things are based on decision. They will correct on what to keep and what to left or club with other things with time. and Decision will become better with time.

  103. Data mismatch at two places on same page. Stock: Allcargo logistics. PE , PB and PS – 21.45, 2.04, 0.70 at the place of Peer Comparison. But on company information place (top), these are: 59.13, 3.08, 3.70.

      1. Yes. So, you mean that Peer comparison always use CONSOLIDATED data?

        I saw all changes so thought that peer comparison also change.

        Again, when I check “Suven Life” then peer data also change when changed from standalone to cons or vice versa. So, I think it is a mismatch in data for AllCargo.

        1. Peer comparison automatically picks up the more important set of numbers between consolidated and standalone (same thing happens in screens).

          On the company page, the more important set of numbers are chosen by default. The important set of number is shown in bold too.

          1. hmm! Is it that when I search a company then whatever comes as first page is done automatically. It can be Standalone or Consolidate! So, for one company it may be Consolidated as first page but for another company, it can be Standalone for that. Is it something which I can draw from your message?

  104. Great tool Pratyush. Thank you so much!

    Wanted to use *previous* period current assets and current liabilities but there does not seem to be any such variables.

    1. Hi Pankaj,

      Thanks for the appreciation.

      Though the Previous period current assets are not available, the ratios of Inventory turnover and debtor days can be used for historical periods.

      Hope that helps,

      1. At times the default list does not throw up the relevant peers. Is there a way to change the peer comparison list? That would be of great help.

  105. I think I have not said about Promoter Holding Increased/Decreased. For some companies, it is visible on both side – Pros and Cons. In Pros side it says that Promoters holding has increased and another side (Cons) it says that Promoters holding has decreased. Ex Company – Ashok Alco-Chem

      1. Promoters holding change over 3 yrs time frame will be difficult to know for us from other sources. Even BSE/NSE do not have any column for this. So, this will create confusion only for us. Instead whatever you have said should be mentioned as line like – Promoters has increased its holding over 3 years but ‘recently’ promoters has decreased it . OR Say, Promoters has sold over 3 yrs, this and that much stake but increased this/that much stake recently. or some other way.

  106. Hi,

    You don’t mention any units in market capitalization or sales. So, at times I find it difficult to distinguish whether it’s in crores or millions or billions.

    So , can you please help me out here.


  107. Hi pratyush: Please add % change in EPS QoQ and YoY. Figure not important unless we can see % change.

    1. Growth rate of what and for how long a period?

      For Sales CAGR and Profit CAGR, you can try something like following:

      Sales growth 5Years > 30 or
      Profit growth 5Years > 30

    1. Hi Dhanesh,

      Screener automatically selects between the standalone and consolidated numbers in screens based on the relevance.

      On the company pages, you can view ratios and financial results either in standalone or consolidated, as you want.

      Hope that helps,

  108. `Return on capital employed > Average return on capital employed 3Years` is not passing for “Aimco Pesticides Ltd” where “Average return on capital employed 3Years: None%” is given. I think you may feel that it should have passed for the above case. For whatever reason, Aimco’s RoCE 3 years is None, the calculation should take it as zero instead of something else. So, that the company can come into our consideration. After that there could be many case for company’s selection as buy. So, we can check that. Thanks.

    1. Over three years, there have been years when the total capital employed has been negative (due to negative networth). In such cases the Return on capital cannot be calculated (mathematically is should be infinite – which won’t make any sense).

      1. Thank you for the reply and sharing knowledge. I just wanted the change for filter to work. So, for filter to work, any number say “-1” can be assigned in this case! and In help file somewhere or downside you can mention that -1 means None%.

  109. i asked this question earlier but there was no reply and now it is removed from this blog.

    How do i calculate free cashflow

    1. Hi Kumar,

      We don’t have the variable for cash used in capitalization, so calculating accurate free cashflow might be hard currently.

      As a near substitute, however, you can use something like:

      Operating cash flow 3years – Investing cash flow 3years

  110. Though it is a great feature that I can set Email Alert against a query, I was thinking how frequently you may be testing each query for change! Is it that you test every query after market time or you test it say every 10 minutes!

  111. Possibly you fixed “G factor” column in filter list ! I cannot see it in customize column but it is coming. I wanted to remove that from the list as I wanted at add something else.

    1. The sorting column is automatically added to the results even if not manually added by the user. So just sorting the results on some other criteria would remove the G Factor column if not manually added.

      Hope that helps,

      1. I guess you may have discovered it after I reported the problem. Due to that special thing, I need to change query few times. Just space change was telling that Save has taken place but it was not working. So, I changed order of few query parts.

  112. Excellent . I came to know about this . And Dear Pratushji , no word about your guiding the people ,on how to use this blog for different queries.
    My Regards for your good selfless service to all theInvestor.
    Vakharia Mahesh

  113. Hi, Once I received very useful info that consolidated or Standalone is picked by screener based on importance automatically. My question is regarding Query – Does it also decide about Standalone or Consolidated when working on query? Which one (standalone/consolidated) it consider when satisfying a query?

    1. Yes, queries are also run against the more important set of numbers. I.e. the queries run either against the standalone or consolidated numbers of each company, based on its prominence.

  114. I got tired creating a filter which can catch “Arrow Coated Pro” but could not catch it in my screener. After much effort I thought to remove all but few then also it could not come into net. Here is very simple screener:
    – – – –
    Return on equity > 20 AND
    Return on assets > 5 AND
    Return on capital employed > 30
    – – – –
    To test it easily, I sorted the result on Stock name but Arrow Coated Products is absent. Please tell me what is stopping it to get caught in the above filter.

    1. It shows up in my list on running the above criteria.

      You might have selected “Show only latest results”. Selecting this option scans only for companies with the latest quarterly results. Since Arrow Coated does not provide consolidated quarterly results in its quarterly results, this option does not work.

  115. About Promoter holding change alert. I remember that you said shareholding change only with quarterly result. So, I am surprised why do I receive promoter holding change related alert. Recently I received alert for “Excel Industries Ltd”. I see Corporate Announcement regarding shareholding pattern on Dec 15, 2014.

  116. Hi Pratyush,

    My 1st time here and tool you have developed is amazing. I have got some questions if you can help to answer:

    1) What query could I use to find companies which has never missed dividends in last 5 years?
    2) How do I find companies who have been always profitable continuously in last 5 years?

    Thanks for your great work.

  117. Hi Pratyush, by creating this site you made a big contribution to educate every investor. God bless your every move.

          1. Does intrinsic value truly denotes right price of any stock? How I use intrinsic value in your site to find out stock for investment???

  118. Hi Pratyush, what are your favourite screens??/ what are the parameters one should look for selecting value bargaining stock?

    1. Hi Abhijit, I love to track The Bull Cartel and The Growth Stocks screen for new quarterly results.

      While there is no particular ratio to look at, we most emphasize upon growth and return on equity ratios. I would highly recommend a reading of Security Analysis to get an indepth knowledge of various financial parameters.

      Hope that helps,

    1. Hi PG,

      though the technical variables are not available in Screener, there are many other good websites and softwares that are focused only on technicals.


  119. Hello.

    From your website I came to know that Profit growth is based on trailing 12 months vs previous 12 months. Can you pls tell me in detail which quarters are in denominators and numerator for current profit growth calculation.

    1. If Q1 is latest quarter and Q8 is eighth last quarter, then the formula is:

      Profit Change = (Q1 + Q2 + Q3 + Q4) – (Q5 + Q6 + Q7 + Q8)

      Profit Growth = Profit Change / (Q5 + Q6 + Q7 + Q8) * 100

      Hope that helps,

  120. I am new to stock market and fundamental analysis. My query is how do i find the net profit 10 years CAGR for any company. How do i customise this in the screener. Thanks

    1. Hi Satish,

      Running a query like: “Profit growth 10Years > 15%” will show all the companies with ten years compounded annual growth of profits of over 15%.

      Hope that helps,

  121. Sir, It is a wonderful website for fundamental analysis and stock investment. I have few queries to you kindly help me out. 1. How can I Delete old data of previous quarter in my screeners. 2. Can I add sector of a company in my watch list. Kindly help.

    1. Hi Anand,

      The screener automatically screens new quarterly results and alerts you about them through emails (if the email alert is set). You you don’t need to manually delete old data of previous quarters.

      Adding a sector in the custom columns is currently not supported.

      Hope that helps,

    1. Hi Hot Chai,

      Option for commenting a line is not currently supported in screener. It is good idea and I try to implement it in future.


    1. Hi Abhijit,

      The intrinsic value is an user created formula carried from the previous version of screener. It does not denote a company’s true value.

      Hope that helps,

  122. Sir your site is wonderful for fundamental Analysis, can you Add two features.
    1. Technical screen(Even moving averages would be sufficient at start) and
    2. Back testing screen on historic data like 5 to 20 year old data

    Thanks in Advance,

      1. Thanks for quick reply I am not able to create screen from Row 5 may names are different. kindly help.

  123. I am unable to make my screen. One of my query involves free cash flow. Kindly advise how to get free cash flow value?

  124. I have found the answer to my below query. But no kindly help in getting all stocks from non finance industry. How to make a query for that?

  125. hi pratyush
    I want to create screener with this data ut it shows syntax error. please solve it.
    Price to Earning 1.50 AND

    Debt /Current assets < = 1.1 AND

    Average 5years dividend AND

    Price to book value < = 1.2

    1. Hi Ajay, there seems to be a problem with the spaces between inequality signs. Try this:

      Price to Earning = 1.50 AND

      Debt / Current assets 0 AND

      Price to book value <= 1.2

  126. Hi Team,

    How can I put a screener for all the stocks with specific RSI or all the stocks moving above a certain RSI level ?


    1. This is a site for fundamental stock screeners, please don’t pollute it with technical nonsense. You can find several of these screeners for free on the internet.

  127. dear pratyush

    why there is difference b/w value on and site
    like madhucon projects stock book value on money control is 95 but on screener site it shows in negative. there is huge diff why this is?

    1. On Screener, it is showing the consolidated numbers. Other websites might be showing standalone numbers.

      Hope that helps,

  128. This site is one of those hidden gems that you rarely find on the net. Simply fantastic. Was searching for this from such a long time.

    However, I facing a little difficulty using a custom ratio.

    I have entered my formula as a custom ratio with the name “Rating” and description “Raghu’s Rating”. I have used this to create a custom stock screen. But this displays only 0s and 1s in that field. The decimal digits are important for my calculations and I need them to be displayed.
    I am sure that the decimal digits are available to your algorithm in the background.
    Here is how I could test it.
    If set a “greater than” limit on “Rating” with increasing values, I am seeing fewer and fewer stocks remaining in the results. This is as expected. So, the screening algorithm works just fine but I would like to see what the Rating variable is for each stock up to say 2 decimal digits.

    I hope it is something as simple as changing from %d to %f πŸ˜€

    Thanks in advance!1

  129. Hi,

    I need experts help. I need help in creating the customized screen for the below requirement:
    1) quarterly sales in ascending order (i.e. every quarter sales should increase by some percentage when compared to its previous quarter)
    2) net profit every quarter in ascending order consistently.
    How to write a query for this?

    Thank You,

    1. Here are four variables:

      Sales 2quarters back ,

      Sales 3quarters back ,

      Sales latest quarter ,

      Sales preceding quarter.


      Net profit 2quarters back ,

      Net profit 3quarters back ,

      Net Profit preceding year ,

      Net Profit latest quarter.

      Compare them.

  130. Hi,

    Using screener, how to get the results for the below:

    Company has good consistent profit growth of 34.36% over 5 years.

    1. If you just typed ‘growth’ (Without quote) then you would have got suggestions. The variable is “Profit growth 5Years “. But it does not mean that company grown by that percent every year. It is compound growth rate. If ups and downs combined, company grown by that percentage.


      Profit growth 5Years > 34.36

  131. Hi, I do not see list of Operators mentioned with or near to Show Variables.
    I see “” and “AND”. What else is supported? Do screener support “OR” in any form? I tried “OR” but it is not working. It just took 2nd expression.

  132. how to calculate the changes in working capital to sales ratio and filter companies for the last 5 years.

  133. Why cannot I get the PE showing on Shreyas Shipping when I divide Price/Trailing EPS? In other cases I can get the PE. Please tell if you are using different thing for this as special case!

    1. Hi Satya,

      There seems to be some extraordinary items which are bringing down the net profits. Screener calculates the PE after excluding extra-ordinary items.

      Hope that helps.

      1. For Asset Turnover Ratio, I used this:

        (Sales /

        (Equity capital +

        Reserves +

        Secured loan +

        Unsecured loan ) )

        Result is looking same when I used Balance Sheet Total.

        1. Yup, that is what balance sheet total is in most cases. Few other items that may be included in Balance Sheet total are preference shares.

  134. can you please add Growth to earnings ( also including dividends ratio )

  135. How can I make a query for companies with consistently growing sales and operating profit margin remain same or increases YoY. E.g. Company A with sales in 2015>Sales in 2014>Sales in 2013>Sales in 2012>Sales in 2011 AND OPM in 2015>=OPM in 2014>=OPM in 2013>=OPM in 2012>=OPM in 2011.

  136. I am disappointed with some of the companies quarter results are not whats published on BSE website. I took decision bases on screen.

    Example Lycos Internet , your website is showing 595.67 Crores sales, where as company copy is showing 106 crores for dec 2014 quarter.

  137. How can I make a query for companies with consistently growing sales and operating profit margin remain same or increases YoY. E.g. Company A with sales in 2015>Sales in 2014>Sales in 2013>Sales in 2012>Sales in 2011 AND OPM in 2015>=OPM in 2014>=OPM in 2013>=OPM in 2012>=OPM in 2011.

    1. Hi Ankur,

      It won’t be currently possible to screen such companies due to the limited number of fields in Screener. We will try to increase the number of variables in future.


        1. You can reverse calculate sales 3 years back with a custom ratio:

          Sales last year / power( 1 + Sales growth 3Years / 100, 3)

          Similarly for 5 years back.

          Then you can screen for:

          Sales > Sales last year AND
          Sales last year > Sales preceding year AND
          Sales preceding year > Sales 3 years back AND
          Sales 3 years back > Sales 5 years back

          Hope that helps.

  138. Hello Pratyush..

    How to create query for updated financial results of companies.. mainly sales and net profit of updated profit result..

    and also if i want net profit and sales of 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011.. How to get it

    can you please help..

    1. Hi Joyeeta,

      Screener automatically runs the queries against the latest financial results. You can check the options of “Show only latest results” to filter results only of the last quarter. Additionally you can set the email alerts to get push alerts.

      Historical numbers for sales and net profits are available on company pages.

      Hope that helps,

      1. Hi Pratyush,

        From where i will get “Show only latest results” .. is it in query selection. there i got sales last quarter and net profit last quarter

    1. Hi Rowan, we calculate the return on equity by dividing the profit after tax by the average networth of the company. Hope that helps.


  139. Hi, I got a serious error. For Palred Tech, is showing
    Pledged percentage: 23.04% whereas no one else is showing this. I checked MoneyControl, BSE and latest filing (pdf) in March.

    1. On the standalone page (default in this case), it is showing the figures correct.

      Company seems to have had subsidiaries till 2013. The figures shown on consolidated page are till that date. In 2013, the company would have pledged the shares.

      Hope that helps,

  140. hi pratyush, what is the formula of earnings yield that is built in? is it inverse of P/E?

      1. hello pratyush
        thank you for making such a wonderful website. please can you incorporate a feature to copy the result of any screener to excel . it will be immensely helpful to me .thanks in advance

  141. Hi, Can you please help me to find variables to create ratio Debt to total Capital. The formula is as below
    DC = Long term debt / (Long term debt + Preferred Stock + Common Stock)

    1. Hi Satyawan, you can create a custom ratio with a formula like:

      Debt / ( Debt + Equity capital + Reserves + Preference capital )

      1. How to create a custom screen ? I am able to create ratios on my watchlist and run a new formula but unable to publish it in screens i used to do it before but now forgot how to do it on mobile, if possible do tell me how to create a custom screen

  142. can i create are basket of stocks which are in my portfolio and get the updates on that list of stocks only

  143. is terrificallyy sooo good and soo useful that it left me thinking that are we so lucky that we can actually continue to use it free for life!! πŸ˜‰

  144. How to generate a day to day trend for a stock? Is it possible to generate custom graphs?

  145. Is the Operating Cash Flow 5yrs equal to the AVEARGE OCF? Or simply a summation? Can it be compared to Average Earnings 5yrs? Why not have a 3/5/10 yr OCF CAGR like profit & sales?

    1. Operating Cash Flow 5yrs is a summation. Yes, we can use it to compare with Average Earnings 5years by multiplying the average with 5.

  146. Hi, Can you please help me to find variables to create ratio for below formula:
    EV/Total Capital * (1 + average return on capital over last 5 years)^5

  147. Hi to all , What should i write if i have below point for screening .I’m new to this site ,wants your help ……..please help me……VJAY

    1) Company listed in both exchanges

    2) Company reporting loss ever since its listing ( But I believe , it will create massive wealth in the years to come – πŸ™‚ )

    3) Company’s current market capitalisation is less than its last year sales.

    4) Retail investors ( Excluding promoters and public share holders holding more than 1%

    stake) holding less than 10 % stake in this company .

    5) Promoters increased their stake in last FY compared with previous year.

    8) In FY 2013-14 , Debt –Equity ratio was more than one.

    9) Company’s 52 week high and low prices falls within the same digit range in both exchanges

    10) Face value of stock is Rs.10

  148. Hello, This is an excellent site that does what I want it do it. Fits my needs perfectly. Is it possible to list all the companies that are available? If I’m using a screen to do initial filter, I want to know which companies are not appearing because of lack of data. Also, what is your approach for including companies? Are all top 500 companies based in market cap included? I understand this can change over a period of time. However, since there are 2000+ companies it would be useful to know if all 500 top companies are covered or even intended to be covered.


  149. if somewhere you can also add description of each variable existing that would be great. I mean what exactly each field represents. Sometimes different people use the same names like Return on Capital to mean different things than others. So it would be great to know in terms of which fields are basic data and which are based other specific others.

  150. Hello screener, Ur site has been of a great help. Everything has been so simplified. cud there be an automation in terms of comparing ratio of differnent companies on the same screen ?

  151. Can Screen using percentages? For Ex, Current volume Greater Than By 2 % Average Volume of 3 Months

  152. Hi,

    I variables in the website are not correct. E.g Return on Equity for Tata Motor of FY14 is 21.3% (Equity Share Capital + Reserves)*100/PAT. But in your website it is showning 27.1%. Similarly when I calculate P/E ratio (= LTP/EPS) the value is not matching with the one shown in the website. Can you please fix this issue?


  153. Hi to all

    i want these formula in screen same body help to out please

    ocf / equity = ratio

    current price / ratio / fv

  154. Hello Pratyush..

    Again need your help.. πŸ™‚

    3, 5 , 7 & 10 year profit
    growth is available..

    BUt, I want to create for 2 year and 4 year profit growth.. How to do it..

    Thanks in advance..

  155. Hi
    I need to create a customized screen where I can compare open, high, Low & closing values in %
    pls help

  156. first hats off to wonderful screener facility you have provided. extremely usefule
    if I want to use mathematical formula like square root how do I do that please.

  157. some time back i have seen one page where i could see increase in promoter holding page but now i am not able to see list of stocks in which promoter holdings has gone up. Please assist on the needful

  158. I want to create Custom Ratio, with the formula (Net income + Depreciation and Amortisation – Capital expenditures)/Networth. What ratio I can refer for Capital expenditure (I think I have to use cash activity from investing, but I am not getting for current fy). Could you help me to replace the above formula with screener ratios.

  159. For MIC Electronics, PE = 31 and Trailing EPS = 0.03 is mentioned. Price is 25. So, it looks like Trailing EPS of 0.03 is not considered in PE calculation. Please tell me how screener got this number. On Edelweiss site, PE = 432 is showing.

  160. Dear Admin Can u add other income variable so we can screen out companies on the basis of this variouble. This is useful to find out companies shown good operational performance but profit is down because of other income (Plant expansion, etc) which are temporary measures.

  161. Sorry avoid earlier post.

    Please refer this one.

    Dear Admin Can u add other expenses variable so we can screen out companies on the basis of this variouble. This is useful to find out companies shown good operational performance but profit is down because of other income (Plant expansion, etc) which are temporary measures.

  162. What is meant by “Show only the latest results”..when i select this,my list is reduced but when not checked, it gives me many stocks..what is the significance of this?

  163. Is there a way to create “Debt service coverage ratio” in Seeing formula on Wiki ( I think I cannot use that formula here. If this is added on screener, it should add value in decision making!

    Or, many times I got very useful information from Partyush telling I can use alternative. Is there any similar thing. I know Interest Coverage Ratio but I don’t think it is same. Thanks.

  164. 1) In Annual results, there is a trailing column. How can I search companies which is having a net profit growth > 30% in trailing column when compared to its previous year net profit. Similarly can it be done for quarterly results?
    2) how can I search all companies which is beating index?

  165. How can I add the shareholding of a particular type of investor to my screen? Like if I want to look at stocks where more than 10% is held by DII and FIIs combined, how can I do that?

  166. How to Compare with the previous quarter. e.g. QoQ profit growth, QoQ Sales growth? YoY growth are given. But I am willing to compare with previous quarter.

  167. Great work guys. Great user interface, user friendly, more than enough variables for fundamental study. Highly commendable.

    P.S. – I am an engineer myself and use image processing for personal stock analysis. Please contact me if you are interested into having such features on your website.

  168. In earlier version you had provided screen headers at various intervals so that while scrolling the headers were always in sight. Now it is not available . It makes scanning the screen very inconvenient

  169. Hi Piyush

    I could not find all variables. please keep a info page, where all the variables are explained.
    This will help a novice like me to understand and then customize the screener

  170. Hi,

    Here it is showing 300 financial variables. But i could not find the variables clicking on the link. it is displaying empty(blank) page. I want to know the variable names for..moving averages(10 day, 20 day, 50,100,200 days)

    kindly help me in this regard.

    1. this tool is for fundamental analysis… so no technical para here …there is lots of site provide technical try there…

  171. Is it possible to filter ” % change in 1 week ; % change in 4 week ; % change in and 12 week ” ? If no , then can you add that in screener ? It will be be very helpfull…

  172. Is it possible to filter ” % change in 1 week ; % change in 4 week ; % change in and 12 week ” ? If no , then can you add that to screener ? It will be very helpfull…

  173. Is it possible to filter ” % change in 1 week ; % change in 4 week ; % change in and 12 week ” ? If no , then can you add that to screener ? It will be very helpfull…

  174. earier this was available once I log in , Now the most popular ones are visible & when I clock on BROWSE ON ALL SCREENS cant see any .

  175. Guys,
    Custom screen page is showing 404 error. Show Variable is not displaying in query builder. Can any one help me.

  176. Your ‘show all variables’ button is not showing me anything in Chrome. Is there a problem or does it work for other people? Thanks.

  177. I have been following pratyush, quite dynamic as is his website. After the major overhaul, pratyush the show all variable button is not working infact not visible….pls help

  178. it is very helpful but in query builder now show all variable is not available


    You can click on β€œShow all variables” to scan through all the available variables.

  180. Hi,
    I want to see the Quarterly YoY Sales and Net profit growth for the last 3 quarters but I could find that you have given such option only for the latest quarter.

    Can anyone help me out with the same..?

  181. Guys,

    am trying to create a screen wherein the current quarter profit is higher the profit of the preceding quarter.

    am unable to find the variables. Could you please help

  182. How can i create a new variable? please let me know….like reserves and average tax paid for 5yrs/ 10 yrs, or free cash flow over 5 yrs or more..etc. Thank you.

  183. Hello Pratyush,

    Last week on sat when i checked book value of tata communication, it was 300 today when i am checking its 10.3.. Is there any changes in capital structure due to which this big gap in Book value. Pls guide. Thanks in advance

  184. Show all variable button is not available in the Query builder section. Please advise where i have to find the same.

  185. Hi Pratyush, I need your help. For the past 2-3 weeks I am trying to use screener in Google Chrome. But I am not able to see the “Show all variables” Button on the screener page. I am attaching a screenshot of the error. I will appreciate very much if you can please help me out.

    Amit Goyal.
    [email protected]

  186. Hello — I wanted to screen on the basis of How much stock is down from its ALL time high. Unfortunately there is no such field. Can you pls consider to add this field?


  187. Hello — FCF yield???

    Can you pls consider to create a field “FCF Yield”. This would be very helpful in screening stocks.

  188. Can you please include queries for consolidated numbers also? I tried to work on financial ratios page but it was not working.


  189. Now with BSE silly Price band that restricts stock price to go high in certain period, I wish to use query for BSE and NSE.

    Also, please reinstall old Industry PE and historical PE for stocks as well. It was there but lost in new website update.

    Thank you.

  190. Is there a way to know the reason that caused the screener to select a stock in filter? Suppose I have created a query and set Alert for that. Then one day I receive a stock in my email which came from that filter. I want to know what recent event caused that stock to come into that filter. Is this possible?


  191. Hi,
    I am new to this blog. I have following two queries.
    1) How do I export balance sheet and other statement into excel ?
    2) I am not able to view the “Show All Variables” button.

  192. Hi Pratyush,

    First things first. Hats off to you for your great app!

    I don’t see f the following features:
    – Show all variables button
    – Export to Excel

    What am I doing wrong?.


  193. Hi Folks, first of all a great website. Keep going.

    Quick questions
    1. What is the ratio for “dividend percentage declared last year” ?
    2. Where can i get the list of all ratios ?
    3. How to create your own financial variable ?

  194. Hello,

    The “Show all variables” button bring up a blank response page and does not have any details, do we have this list elsewhere?


  195. I am facing the problem after clicking on “set alert” for following combination . It just show just as “processing” and continued so, can you pls assist, how can i resolve this.

    (Show only latest results?)
    Net Profit latest quarter > Net Profit preceding quarter AND
    Net Profit latest quarter > 1

  196. From where can i get the list of all the Variables for Screens. As the option See All Variables is not seen ?

    1. I don’t think there are any. Also, if it is not there then don’t expect it here as this site is for fundamental screening. They don’t plan to go behind technical parameters. Though 52w high-low is there.

  197. Hi Pratyush, I am trying to track stock trading around 52 wk low. This is the query i am using for the same.

    52w Index 1000″ . I am getting results for most of the companies but something i am not getting LUPIN in this result. While, both the requirement matching for LUPIN.

    i want to search stocks trading around 20 % range of 52w low and have market cap > 1000 cr. Please advice what seems wrong in my query.

  198. Hi…I want to screen stocks with gross profit margin > 20 % on yearly as well as 5 year basis. What code should I write for this? And what exactly does profit growth mean?

  199. What is the query to find all the companies having ‘Net profit margin’ greater than .1?

  200. Couldn’t find a way to do maths inside query like (10 * Price to Earning) > Current price

  201. Do we have variable for total outstanding share of company. For example i want list of all companies who have total outstanding shares less than 20,00000.


  203. Hi , Can you introduce a multilevel sorting function – for eg. I want to arrange all the screening results in increasing EPS , so I can arrange them by clicking on EPS. However, if within the same results, I have to also sort as a second level on ROCE highest to loweest as well, currently I cant. this will help improving the site again.

  204. Entered the following in query builder
    “Average return on equity 3Years >15% AND
    Profit growth 3Years >25%”
    results do not show Caplin Point which meets the above criteria. Why so?

    1. Ignore the above message. I didn’t realize that show only latest result option was checked.

  205. Hi, Please can anyone help me urgently as I need to analyze the latest Yearly results through Screener. I am trying to use screener in Google Chrome. But I am Not able to see the “Show all variables” Button on the screener page. I am attaching a screenshot of the error. I will appreciate very much if you can please help me out.


    Amit Goyal.

    [email protected]

  206. Hi I would like to get companies which have 50 day EMA > 100 day EMA… How do I do it in screener

    1. Sorry to say you cant do this here..this is for fundamentals only..technicals not covered

    1. Company does not publish consolidated quarter numbers. Thus they are not available since 2012.

      Standalone quarterly numbers are available for recent quarters.

  207. Hello, I was using your site and also created custom ratios too previously but now I am unable to create custom ratios. Can you share how can I create custom ratios.

  208. I want to get an email alert as soon as promoter’s holding increases in any stiock. Is it possible?

  209. Hi Pratyush.. can u pls tell me what is the formula u r using for ‘Price to book value’ query

  210. seems like only standalone numbers are supported. e.g. how do I filter on consolidated PE?

  211. hello admin and people here ..any pro man who can help me out with understanding on stocks and how to make maximum benefit …humble request

  212. How to see list of variables? Website does not show “Show All Variables” anywhere.

    Please help.

  213. Hi

    I clicked on screen above which states ” SHOW ALL VARIABLES”

    but nothing opens up.

    Can I get list or details of all the Variables available.

  214. Hi,

    The below Financial variables are availably only for 3, 5 and 10 years. Can we have them for 1, 2 and 4 years as well?

    Average return on equity 5Years
    Profit growth 10Years
    Average return on capital employed 5Years


      1. Hi Pratyush, Thanks for the great work done by you and your team. Just have a couple of quick question from you.

        1) Are results shown by query builder standalone or consol and how to move from one to other in query builder.

        2) What is the difference between EPS and EPS(Undj) shown on the main sheet of every company’s details?

  215. Hi, can anybody help me know why I am getting the “Detail: Authentication credentials were not provided.” when i put some criteria in the query builder. The queries I tried are :
    Return on equity > 20 AND
    Market Capitalization < 5000 AND
    price to earning < 30

  216. Dear pratyush,

    how to scan this criteria… Return on Equity > 15% , Debt-to-Equity ratio 2

  217. Hello
    I trying to figure how to get 15% increase in trailing sales and trailing profit. Can someone please guide?

  218. I would like to know all stocks which have the prices growing for example, when i compare to previous day share price or previous week or month, the price of the growth of the stock price must be positive. can you help

  219. Want to congratulate the creator of this Screener. The best screener I have ever used for Indian stocks. You really beat google here. (Which I have been using before coming across to your awesome creation).

  220. hi pratyush,
    how can i get the 5year ROE or ROCE of all bse500 companies together. how may i customise the screen.

  221. This site is the hidden gem I have been looking for, Amazing work guys

    Is there a way to access past prices ?? If I want to screen stocks losing x% valuation in the past n days how do I code that ?

  222. What is the variable for Daily Volume?
    Please Help.
    I think the “volume” variable is NOT for Daily Volume. What is it for?

  223. Kindly Help, Pratyush,
    What variable do we use for DAILY VOLUME?
    I think the variable called “volume” is NOT for DAILY VOLUME.

  224. hi ,
    i wanted to screen stock for average earnings growth greater than 10% for 10 years
    and average return on capital employed greater than 15 % for 10 years…can u help with the first part of the query ….

    1. Viral,
      Perhaps u are looking for Coffee Can Portfolio, so its not average growth of sales or ROE or ROCE, its year on year.
      I am also looking for this, can any one help please.
      Pratyush is it possible here in screener.

  225. Hi , I would like to know how you derived the price to free cash flow ratio.. I tracked one of my stocks for a long time …the ratio changes everyday which clearly means that the numerator which you put is the cmp…However ,the free cash flow (the denominator) part is something I am not able to reconcile as the free cash flow formula which are available on the net , i tried checking with all of them but its not matching with your ratios .So more specifically , i have 2 questions :
    1.Does the date of free cash flow change as well or is it the first day of the financial year ?
    2.What is the formula u use to derive free cash flow ?
    If u can give some example from your site only with a particular stock then that would be great .
    Thanks a lot in advance

  226. Hello Pratyush, Please advise how to program into stock screener if I need to see a stock which has got atleast 15 percent year on year growth in Operating profit consistently for say 10 consecutive years. Kindly advise. Thanks and best regards, Zarksis B. Munshi ([email protected])

  227. Hi

    Can you please tell me how to get the list of stocks with

    Price to earning < industry price to earning?

  228. Hi can you please tell me how I can find the 52 week high & Low price of a stock/NIFTY?SENSEX for a specific financial year.

  229. Hi, I am not finding Average Debt to Equity Ration 3 years. Is there a way to find it?
    Also I didnt find share holding pattern.

  230. Hi, i want to create a screen such as net Profit margin > 30% for last 3 consecutive years. How do i do that?

  231. Hey! First of all thanks for creating such a tool. It helps me a lot. I have a query. I’m trying to filter stocks which are expected to deliver better OPM than latest quarter (ex. Sep 16 vs Jun 16). I tried using (Expected Quarterly Operating Profit/Expected Quarterly Sales) > OPM latest quarter. I noticed one discrepancy, OPM latest quarter is returning a value that is greater than the OPM in the quarters section for the latest quarter i.e. June 2016. Both standalone and consolidated. What is the reason and can you please fix this? And also can you create a new ratio i.e. Expected OPM which would simply be expected quarterly operation profit divided by expected quarterly sales X 100. And what ratio should I use if I have to compare the Expected OPM against OPM for the corresponding previous year quarter? Thanks!!

  232. Dear Sir,
    How to create a screen for sectorwise. ( sugar sector or paper sector) ? Please guide me?

  233. Sir, Is the option available to know that stocks coming under which type of screens. i.e stock wise instead of screen wise.

  234. hello, I need to create a ratio which includes consolidated figures but currently its only considering stand alone figures. Can anyone explain to me how to do it.

  235. I am trying to create a new customize screen but then it gives me my old columns. I want to see my new columns. I remove those column it does not get removed as it shows up again

  236. Hi All,
    I have created a watchlist and it just does not get loaded. And now no screens are getting loaded – it just hangs. Is there an error in the site at the moment ?

    1. Have you found whats is its purpose? I am trying to get its purpose. But no luck.

  237. How create query for below scenario.

    I want to filter stocks whose current price is just 20% more of its 52 weeks low price.

    Show stocks whose “Current Price <= (52 Week Low + 20% of 52 Week Low)"

  238. Hi, I am new to this amazing site. A query.. I want to write a code for percentage change in EPS Last year and this year. If last year figure is negative, how it is to be calculated?

  239. The financials for Apollo Tyres seems to be wrong when I cross checked it with the annual report. I tried to find some sort of a feedback place for the website but that too cannot be found it seems. Please look into the matter.

  240. How would I insert variables from 2 or more years back in my screen?
    Example, I want to see companies whose revenue has been growing continuously for 5 years. I have sales last year and sales preceding year. How about the 3 years before that?

  241. Hi, I am new to stocks. Please help me to create following filter..
    Current PE & PB ratios should be lower than the last 5 years average

  242. Hi.
    Kindly assist me in coming up with this query. Trying a lot.
    ” a stock screener to identify stocks that have a ROE of 25% along with PAT margins of 20%.”.

    Thanls a lot.

  243. Guys, in the screener data that we export into excel, what is the current assets and current liabilities?

    The balance sheet doesn’t show it properly, we have Inventory + Debtors for CA, but do we need to add other assets to that as well? What exactly is Other Assets as posted here?

    And what about current liabilities, prima facie it appears to be Other Liabilities.

    Please help me out. I am just trying to calculate Current Ratio.

  244. Dear Sir,

    please suggest how do i create a screen for all scrips and sort them as per P/E ratio

  245. Guys – need help with the calculation logic for intrinsic value… It seems like something any value investor should look at, just that I never could understand how it’s being calculated

  246. Is it possible for you to add a feature which allows the users to run a query on a past date. This could be very much useful for many many analysis. Currently for a query we can only see the output as of today’s scenario, but we are not able to see how the query would have resulted a year ago. Please give it a shot…

  247. this site is very useful. is there a way one can export the result after running the query to excel? can you pls guide how to go about it?

  248. Champs, Not sure if this Forum is active. Is there a way to screen/filter the stocks based on Sector?

  249. can i make a screener of quarterly results with current quarter up by say 20% yoy, and can i make it for 4-5 quarters in the same screener

  250. How do i filter the stocks with volume/price breakout? Are there options for historical price/volume?

  251. hi Pratyush bro,
    Can you help me with the query the below please?

    2) Last 3 years company posted profits.

    4) Promoter holding above 50 % stake in company.

    5) Stock trading above it’s book value.

    2) Last 3 years company posted profits.

    3) Only 3 major company manufacturing this products 2 are MNC, this is only Indian company. ( Taken from companies annual reports )

    4) Promoter holding above 50 % stake in company.

    5) Stock trading above it’s book value.

    6) Stock trading bellow 50 mark.

    7) Total debit equity ratio stands 0.39

    8) Face value of the stock 5.

  252. Filter for : last 3 days average volume > last 30 day average volume and closing price of last 3 days > average price of last 30 days

  253. Sir, how to check Net profit of last 5 years? Currently I can make use of Net profit(last 12 months), Net profit previous year and Net profit preceding year. But unable to compare net profit of before years.. Can you pls include those parameters..

  254. Is there any equation or screen to see the list of shares that have made what profit % or Loss % on price in last 52 weeks

  255. Hi,
    Screener Team,
    Thank you for making such a wonderful website..

    what’s the query to screen Compounded Profit Growth TTM.


  256. There should be at least simple point-wise document for screener. Like is there any way to use comment on screener? I don’t have answer. Even when I discover then later after long time I forget and then I search again.

  257. is there any api from your side to get all the data into my code. so that i wont look into stocks individually.

  258. Sales growth 3Years> 15 AND
    Sales growth 5Years> 15 AND
    Profit growth 5Years> 15 AND
    Profit growth 3Years> 15 AND
    Price to Earning 1.0 AND ABOVE
    Average return on capital employed 3Years> 30 AND
    Market Capitalization> 1000

    I am trying to scan above but there is below mentioned message came & unable to run screener.

    Query: Unknown word: above
    average return on capital employed 3years

    Please give your view to resolve

    1. Copy paste this…

      Sales growth 3Years > 15 AND
      Sales growth 5Years > 15 AND
      Profit growth 5Years > 15 AND
      Profit growth 3Years > 15 AND
      Price to Earning 1.0 AND
      Average return on capital employed 3Years > 30 AND
      Market Capitalization > 1000

  259. Hello Team,
    I am new to market & your site is so there any way to search the stocks with P/E & ROE respectively. thanks in advance.