Creating custom ratios in Screener

Screener provides complete flexibility to customize the result columns and even create our own financial ratios.

The financial ratios created are calculated on the fly for all the stocks and can be used in custom screens.

To create a custom ratio, go to create financial ratios page.

You will receive a ratio-creating form, similar to one used for creating custom screens.

Unlike screen queries, we don’t use inequalities but provide a mathematical formula for our ratio.

Custom ratio to calculate price above low

In above example we create a new custom ratio to calculate difference of current price of the stock from its 52-week low price.

Similarly we can create a ratio to calculate our own DCF Value ratios or any other valuation ratio.

These custom ratios can be also used in creating custom screens.

For any assistance in creating custom ratios, leave a comment below.

79 thoughts on “Creating custom ratios in Screener”

  1. It would be nice if you could show the definition of a “user created financial ratio”. This will help understand whether the ratio was correctly created.
    Maybe if we could add comments to these, it would further help us refine these ratios so that they are useful for everyone.
    It would also be nice if you could support (=) operator in addition to the () operators.

    1. This is a good idea. Will try to show the formulas for user ratios.

      I couldn’t get your point for ‘=’ operator. It can be used in screens. Can you please give an example on how to use it in ratios. I will try to include it too.

      1. Could you please tell me the formula used in “user created financial Ratio” Intrinsic Value. I would like to use it but am not sure how it has been calculated and if it would suit my purpose.

        1. Hi Ravindra, it is a very old user created ratio and we won’t recommend using it. It has been carried forward from the old screener version and thus we haven’t been able to remove it. We will be doing so soon.

          Thanks for pointing it out,

  2. Hi,
    I really liked the site and the ease with which the screens can be developed.
    Please help me with a screen to identify companies reducing debt YOY (i.e. I am looking for comparison over previous year). The keywords here allow ‘Debt 3Years back > Debt to equity’.
    ‘Debt 1Years back > Debt to equity’ OR ‘Debt last year > Debt to equity’ is NOT allowed.

    1. Hello Shiv, am glad that you liked the Screener.

      You can compare preceding year debt using this:

      Debt preceding year > Debt

      Thanks for trying Screener.

  3. hi, can you please tell me the formula you use for calculating book value.

    for eg. Sun pharma book value is given as Rs. 136.76. Can you pls show the formula using items from Balance sheet as to how you arrived at this number. Thank you. B

    1. Hi, in screener we include the trailing quarterly profits for the calculation of current book value.

      Thus in case of Sun Pharma, the net worth is:

      Equity = 103.56
      + Res = 12062.79
      + Jun = 795.55
      + Sep = 319.64
      + Dec = 881.30
      Total = 14162.84

      Number of Eq. Shares = 103.56

      Thus the book value taken = 14162.84 / 103.56 =136.76

      [The above does not take the interim dividends into account as we don’t have that data currently. We will include that too soon.]

      Hope that helps.
      Do let me know if you still have some queries.

  4. suppose I want to use if then else type construct, or some sort of mathematical function like sign(Net Profit – Cash flow). Typically, these things to make a scoring model for multiple stocks, and sorting around it.

  5. Hi Pratyush, I could not find a variable for Payables or Sundry Creditors. Is there one or can I create a custom ratio for one?

    1. Hello Nasir,

      We don’t have the variable for payables and sundry creditors (it is not bifurcated and provided by the data source, though they provide the total of “Current liabilities”).

  6. Dear Admin,

    1) The PE ratio which is mentioned in the watch list page. Is it PE calculated using TTM EPS/last financial year EPS or One year forward PE ? Plz help

    2) How to calculate one year forward PE? Since, expected quarterly profit number is already available. Do we also do forecasting on annual basis which can help to decide on valuation of 1 yr and 2 yr forward PE ratio?

    Your reply will be really helpful and appreciated.


    Dhaval Shah

    1. 1. PE is trailing 12 months. But in the cases where the quarterly results are not available, the annual results are automatically picked up.

      2. We created expected quarter based on statistical formulas. But it rarely gives a right dependable figure. We only use in the Pros/Cons analysis with a good margin of safety to just get a guess about what direction the results are expected by markets. I guess, using it for forward pe can be more harmful than useful.

      Do let me know if you have any queries,

      1. Ok. Thanks Pratyush.
        Btw, the website is very useful and user friendly.
        I would want to make few ratios, shall connect to you again for that.


  7. Is it possible to use MIN/MAX (to take minimum/maximum of 2 values) function for creating new ratios?

    1. Hi CoolKal,

      Min/Max functions are not available. You can use the IF condition instead. Something like, IF(value1 > value2, value1, value2) , which is same as in Excel.

      Hope that helps,

      1. in a few seconds
        Sir pls suggest ratios by which can get companies like aban kittex page eicher mrf

  8. hi Pratyush , I have been using your website for last 2 months only but i have stopped looking and searching for other sites since i found this.
    its really well thought, well planned like it understands beforehand what we are looking for. Thanks for providing such facility.

    now two things i would like to add here

    1. i have been looking for EPS growth for 3 or 5 years but could not trace it please advice how to go about it
    2. whenever we receive an email from your server, it will be much nicer if the data about companies is put is a tabular form like our own customized coulmns
    that way comparison will be easy.

    thanks again for all the good work. Best Regards

  9. was just wondering as how to create a ratio like market cap to averge operating profitr of last five years in respect oif any company

    1. Hi Vinit,

      There are variables for Average Earnings 5Year and Average Earnings 10Year . You can use these in custom ratio option to create your own Price to Earning 5year variable using market capitalization and these variables.

      Hope that helps,

  10. Hi, can you pls tell
    how to create percentage growth variables? For example market cap growth, what would be the variables?

    1. Hi Jignesh, we do plan to make the formula available for user ratios. However, I haven’t been able to spend much time on it. Will try to add it soon.

      Thanks for the feedback,

    1. Hi Sabe, you might want to use the variable “Debtor days” for this purpose. It considers the average of receivables.

      Hope that helps,

  11. Hi Pratyush,need your help.. Profit growth in screener is based on which quarters?I know that it should be trailing of 12 months v/s previous 12 months, but which month you considered in screener for the calculation.. pls tell me.. for nay scrip..

    thanls in advance

  12. Is there any screener which shows technicals ? say for e.g. Directional Movemnt . and various weekly/monthly averages along with macd ?
    Mahesh Vakharia

    1. Hi Mahesh,

      As per my understanding, there are many good technical websites and softwares. As we are not into technicals, however, we can provide you much help.


  13. Hi Pratyush, could you tell me if there’s a way to look at all the results(say there are 1500 results spread across 30 pages) of a particular formula on a single screen…or export them to an excel?

    1. Hi Shirish, screening in a single industry is currently not possible. You can however view all the companies in a particular industry by entering the sector name in the top search box and selectiing the last option of showing all results.

      Hope that helps,

  14. how can i find a company name in which Retail investors holding less than 10 % stake in this company .

  15. Hi Pratyush,
    Can I delete a quick ratio that I have created? if not could you please add that feature also

  16. i am not able to create my desired financial ratio…… whenever i click to create financial ratios page it shows ERROR 404…….secondly i am not able to view all Popular Screens……please guide for same………..

  17. Hi,
    I need to export to excel and also make a few custom ratios. Is it possible? I am unable to find any links on screener for the same.

  18. Hi Pratyush,

    It would be really great if you could add the “Creating custom ratios in Screener” and “Export to Excel” back!

  19. Hi…I want to screen stocks with gross profit margin > 20 % on yearly as well as 5 year basis. What code should I write for this? And what exactly does profit growth mean? Also, your ‘create financial ratios page’ is not available. Please help…


  21. Hi Pratyush,
    I would like to have a ratio of Market cap to operating profits, also would like: market cap to profits. Currently, we have market cap to quarterly profits only. How can I create those? I tried the create ratio link, but it’s dead:

  22. I want to create a ratio -BV/FV . I consider this will be quite useful for meaningful inter-firm comparison and better understanding of Earnings and Dividend ratios too.
    I tried but could not, due to authentication failure. Pl guide.
    [email protected]

  23. hi
    how return on capital employed 5year calculated. is it profit of last five years added and divided by ROCE of last 5 years added or latest profit divided by avg ROCE of 5 years.

  24. Hi I want to add last three years closing price /no of counts days , also we cannot get industry pe in the chart can someone help

  25. create financial ratios page — first fix this page, its broken. Simple google tools will help you monitor boken pages.

  26. Hi want to calculate average assets of previous and current year. as well as the average shareholders equity

    how can i do it

  27. Hi,
    I had created a ratio Net Sale per share = Net Sales / No of shares.
    Had seen for Vedanta, It appears to give an incorrect number.

    Net Sale per share as per website: 204.65
    Net Sale per share as per calculation: 248.88

    Sales for Mar’17 = 72,225.03 Crs
    No of shares outstanding = 2,90,19,13,068.

    Request you to check and let know.

    Abhishek Sharma

  28. Hi All,

    I am trying to create my own ratio but I notice that link is not working!!!

    I just want the functionality of “QoQ Profits”.. This list only last quater.. but I want the “QoQ Profits” of last 8 quarters..

    Any help will be really appriciated.


  29. Hi,

    Can you pls give me query for:

    Interest based-debt should be less than or equal to 25% of Total Assets.
    Interest income plus returns (currently considered @8%) from interest-based
    investments should be less than or equal to 3% of the total income.
    Receivables plus cash and bank balances should be less than or equal to 90% of Total Assets.


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