Creating custom ratios in Screener

Screener provides complete flexibility to customize the result columns and even create our own financial ratios.

The financial ratios created are calculated on the fly for all the stocks and can be used in custom screens.

To create a custom ratio, go to create financial ratios page.

You will receive a ratio-creating form, similar to one used for creating custom screens.

Unlike screen queries, we don’t use inequalities but provide a mathematical formula for our ratio.

Custom ratio to calculate price above low

In above example we create a new custom ratio to calculate difference of current price of the stock from its 52-week low price.

Similarly we can create a ratio to calculate our own DCF Value ratios or any other valuation ratio.

These custom ratios can be also used in creating custom screens.

For any assistance in creating custom ratios, leave a comment below.

Creating stock screens in Screener

Screener allows the investors to create their own stock-screens or modify the existing ones.

It further allows an investors to:
– sort and customize the results
– save the stock-screen
– set email alerts for the screen
– or share the screen with others

In Screener, everything is a financial variable, just like the cells in MS Excel. Using these variables, you can create your own financial ratios and write equations to screen the stocks.

Financial variables in Screener

You can click on “Show all variables” to scan through all the available variables.

Creating Screens:

Stock screens can be as simple (yet effective) as Current price < Book value.

You can further combine multiple conditions using AND and OR, example:
Current price < Book value AND
Price to Earning < 8 AND
Market Capitalization > 200

Saving Screens:

Saving custom screens

You can sort the above results and click the save button to save the screen. After saving a screen, you can set alerts for it to receive automatic updates.

If you have any problem finding some variables, or need assistance with the query creation, then you can post it here in comments and we will try to assist you.

Setting alerts in Screener

You can use Screener to create alerts for the stock-screens and for the companies in your watchlist.

Alerts for Screens

Creating alerts for a saved stock screen is just one-click-work. Alerts for stock screen

There are two options for the alerts:

– Alerts for the new results: You will get an email whenever a new company fits the criteria of the screen. It is helpful for the stock screens which are based on the figures of latest quarters. Screener automatically scans for new results and emails the list of new companies every quarter.

– Alerts for changes in top results: Often the stock-screens are made to scan the companies at the end of the spectrum. This alert automatically sorts the results and then email the top 15 companies in the list. It monitors the daily changes in prices and valuations and emails all the further changes in the top 15 results.

Alerts for Stocks

Alerts for the companies in your watchlist are enabled by default.

Screener automatically emails the new announcements and the latest annual reports for the companies added in the watchlist. This aids in taking timely decisions as you are always stay upto-date about your companies.

Screener never sends a spam email and you can opt-out for any of the above updates at any time.