The beginning

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Hello friends! Creating something is fantastic. Watching it grow is euphoric.

It’s around 3 years when we wrote the first line of Screener. At that time, it was a personal hack project built on an Excel sheet. Since then we have written (and re-written) the screener three times from scratch. Each time, we received a fantastic feedback and the application kept improving.

As we continue to work on the Screener, we will keep sharing the new updates through this blog and would love to have your feedbacks.

Happy investing!


40 thoughts on “The beginning”

    1. Hi Sundara, thanks for the wishes.

      Do let us know the areas needing refinements and we will work on it ASAP.


  1. I left a feedback on “Leave Feedback” Section, but I cant see where it is.
    It contains important feedback to improve your system.
    Hope you got it.

  2. excellent i was wonder where was this screener hidden, undervalue screener must be included, also the screener should be made based on teaching of great stock market gurus like Peter Lynch Louisa Fletcher Benjamin Graham etc

  3. Hi…. You guys are doing excellent work here….. but what if I want to see all the peer companies and not just the top 7??? Any ways that can be included???

    Also “Mahindra & Mahindra” seems to be wrongly placed in tech stocks… shouldnt it be in Auto Sector??

    1. Hi Giridhar,

      It feels great to receive such an appreciation.

      However, currently we are only focusing on spreading the Screener to encourage and spread investing in India. I would request to you please share about the website with your friends which will be the best contribution.

      Despite that, if you want to make monitory contribution for a social cause, then I will request you to send a draft in favor of Rotary Club of Baradari Lucknow, part of Rotary International, which organizes various social activities throughout the world.
      The minimum club donation is $100 (Rs.5500).

      Would request you again to spread the investing love.

      Thanks and regards,

      1. Hi I need your help to see the nse or bse scrip code or symbol in the column. Now only full name of the stock is shown. Individually to copy and see the scrip code and symbol using other website is time consuming. So like other columns how to see scrip code or symbol for all stocks when you run any screen. please help

    1. Hi Bala,

      No there isn’t a variable for checking if a stock is in Sensex or Nifty. We did maintain this list earlier, but it was hard to keep updating it.

      Btw, loved your article on Warren Buffett’s Career from 1936 to 2013.

  4. Pratyush, I am observing that the Book values are incorrect in some cases at as I cross check Financials with MoneyControl.

  5. HI Pratyush, This is fantastic tool almost ‘god sent’ extremely useful and what a user interface , too good bosss , hats off to you guys.. i am happy to donate or even help with learning and making it even better.

    If you don’t mind can you please the compounded profit growth calculations? e.g. for a stock called LG Balakrishnan the 3 years Compounded Profit growth is shown as 1.65% and 5 Years is 54.xx% but i am not able to figure out how is this arrived at if I use Mar 14 Annual Profit after tax and Mar 10 or Mar 09 profit after tax? As this value will have implications on PEG ratio which I think uses 5 yr compounded Profit Growth , I found that for some stock i could reconcile it with Excel calculations but not for some of the stocks.

    Regards JAK

  6. wow. this site is awesome.

    I just want to know the intention behind all this effort. All the stuff is free, there r no advertisements, no offers.. I mean, you guys are spreading this precious knowledge for free… you guys are Robin Hood

  7. Hi I need your help to see the nse or bse scrip code or symbol in the column. Now only full name of the stock is shown. Individually to copy and see the scrip code and symbol using other website is time consuming. So like other columns how to see scrip code or symbol for all stocks when you run any screen.

  8. for some stocks i found that the pe ratio which comes direct and what we get by dividing market cap by net profit is different..
    i saw this for one small wire company listed in bse..

    1. Hi Rajeev,

      We exclude extraordinary one time items for the calculation of PE ratio. Please let me know where you found the difference, I will provide more details of the calculation.


      1. hello team
        you are doing fabulous job. can you please provide a way to copy the result of screener to excel sheet . it will be immensely useful for further investigation. thanks in advance

      2. Hi Pratyush – Quick q, do you guys have a way for us to enter a user specified price and where the CMP is as compared to that price?

  9. Hi screener team, whom should we contact with regards to advertising inquiry on screener .

  10. Also allow filtering based on industry. This will be very helpful to identify companies from distress sector. Thanks always for great work.

  11. First of all thanks very much to for a wonderful job done so far. I observe that Promotor stake increase and pledgeded SHARES data is not appearing these days. Request you to pl update

  12. Hello Pratyush, I thank you and appreciate all the great work that you have showcased in this site. I believe this is the greatest service you could offer for folks who are continuously looking forward to find “The One”. I just wanted to know how to view the list of all variables to use in the Query builder? The URL is throwing a blank screen — “”

  13. Hi, This is an excellent site and source of information. However some analysis details are misleading. Refer to the attached screenshot for example. Pros: “Promoter’s stake has increased”, Cons – “Promoter’s stake has decreased”

  14. Hello Pratyush,

    Is there any plan to bring the historic PE values back in the site?


  15. Hi is there any screener showing the historic price change eg. Stocks with Price Change>200% in last two years.

  16. hello screener team this is best site for investor but please you can add some feature which many of us needed like corporate action bonus, split and merging . if you can provide us set alert for custom options like mail us when immediate change in promoter holding and loss to profit company. Many of us can use even a paid service for it. Reason is every time i find some good stock i have to refer moneycontrol and other site also for above information only. Hope if this is possible you guys will add it for sure.
    Best of luck for your future of this website.

  17. Hi Screener team, Please add ratio of gross profit margin and net profit margin, also 3 year average gross profit margin and net profit margin

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